TBH Creative was hired by partner, Compendium Blogware, to redesign the blog site for DyKnow. We created a design for DyKnow’s blog that complimented their web site look and feel and also designed a banner ad and call to action areas to highlight important Webinars, Case Studies and a video. TBH stretched the limits of the Compendium’s templated system using CSS to manipulate their typical blog design.

Blogging is a great way to increase your company’s search engine optimization. Compendium blogging software is built specifically for businesses with this in mind with special features such as keyword density indicator, compending (multiplying) posts for maximum results, news feed on popular keywords to help your posting creativity, and an approval process for a multi-author blog.

DyKnow®, a leader in interactive education, combines sound teaching with intuitive software to create flexible and effective solutions for teaching and learning. DyKnow’s unique culture of innovation and commitment to superior service brings classroom management and interactive teaching tools to K12 and Higher Education institutions worldwide.

If your company is interested to learn more about blogging for search engine optimization, contact TBH Creative for more information. We can help explain the benefits and determine if blogging is a good solution for your company. And if you already have a blog via Blogger or Compendium’s software, we would be happy to assist with a redesign and custom CSS to make it more effective.
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