Blog Content Ideas: My Business Has A Blog. Now What?

I often catch myself thinking too hard about blog topics. They shouldn’t be that hard, right? My theory: If you’re spending over 15 minutes wondering what to write about, you’re thinking way too hard.

Here are a few tips for getting over writer’s block:

Who are you? What do you do?

Introducing yourself and your company seems like a no-brainer, but most companies skip this step. Why not tell the readers a little about the authors?

Stop Assuming

Sure, you know everything there is to know about marketing and the Internet (or whatever it is that you’re good at). Don’t assume everyone reading your blog knows the tips and tricks pros use for successful Internet marketing.

Plan Ahead

Or at least, try to plan ahead. Most companies have a set schedule of when blog posts are released. If you know you need to write one or two posts every week, start thinking about it now. Your current blog post could lead to another topic, and another topic, and so on.

Be Passionate About What You’re Writing About

If you’re really not interested in what you’re writing about, the readers can tell. It will also make the blog writing process take longer than it should.

Do you like Spongebob Squarepants? Find something interesting to pull from it, and write about it. Not all blog posts need to be 100% serious all of the time; that would make a dull blog. It is very important to make sure your readers want to read about it. If your audience is 60+ year old women, writing strictly about Spongebob will not grab their attention. However, writing about new Spongebob toys that will make great gifts for grandchildren on Christmas might.

Google can be your best friend when trying to think of blog topics. Look at other companies’ blogs. You can find inspiration everywhere.

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