Adding value to your website with video tutorials

People connect to people. It’s why simple instructional videos for everything from how to put your hair up in a messy bun to how to change a bicycle tire are so popular.
What’s your expertise? Identify the areas where you are a pro and create video tutorials to drive traffic to your website and engage your audience. Well-done video tutorials strengthen personal connections by providing useful information and training. Unlike sales pitch videos, helpful video tutorials connect you and your company—as an authoritative, friendly mentor—to your clients and customers informally.
When planning videos and developing scripts, identify what topics are of the most interest to your audience. A good starting point for this brainstorming is to review your FAQ and consult customer service staff. Thorough preparations and attention to details pay off. Good advance planning will help you appear calm on camera. Keep the medium in mind, though, and plan each video to focus on one key lesson. To keep your audience’s attention, try to limit each tutorial’s run-time to between three to seven minutes, any longer and your video becomes more of a lecture than a quick guide.

Joy Olivia Miller

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Joy is the creative director at TBH Creative and uses her expertise to help clients use their online communications to build, design, and manage their brands. She likes to blog about content marketing in all its forms, the latest trends in digital marketing, and share tools with readers.

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