Entering the battlefield without a game plan is a risk nobody wants to take, especially when running a business. That’s because, once you’ve listed your goals, you know what your priorities are (and which actions should be sidelined). When website marketing tops your list of important initiatives, working with one of the top web design companies to ensure success makes a difference.

Here at TBH Creative, we design websites that grow businesses because we think about results first in order to make the strongest recommendations to our clients.

We’re proud that this “strategy-first” method of developing websites is one of the reasons that Clutch recently hailed TBH Creative as a top web design company in Indiana.

Keep reading to learn more about how Clutch decides who should earn this prestigious honor.

Whenever TBH Creative receives a new award, we remind ourselves that our team wouldn’t be celebrating if our staff hadn’t earned our clients’ full support and trust.

Thank you so much to all our partners who took the time to leave us feedback and recommendations on Clutch. We couldn’t have done it without you, and your heartfelt reviews inspire us to continue growing.

“For over 17 years, we’ve been helping our clients tackle all sorts of big website marketing challenges. It means a lot that so many of our clients took the time to tell others about our successful collaborations at Clutch that made it possible for us to rank as one of the top web design companies in Indiana.”—Tatum Hindman, president and founder, TBH Creative

What is Clutch?

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Clutch is a national B2B market research firm that collects and analyzes client feedback to share fair, transparent rankings on its site. Here is a sampling of our client testimonials on Clutch:

  • “TBH Creative guides us at every point in the process and every step along the way. It’s always about the strategy behind why we are doing what we’re doing. Will it generate ROI? How do we ensure that we’re getting the most out of our efforts and our investment? I know that Tatum and her team are always thinking about ways to make our site better.”—Marketing & Community Relations Director, Logansport Memorial Hospital
  • “TBH Creative asked excellent questions and wasn’t afraid to challenge our ideas with better solutions. I’ve worked with vendors that are more concerned with pleasing a client than doing the best work possible. The TBH Creative team provided suggestions professionally and effectively.”—Interactive Media Specialist, OrthoNebraska

Our client partnerships make being named a top web design company possible. We thank everyone who took the time to let others know about our collaborative successes by sharing their feedback with other users on Clutch. You can check out more of our reviews by visiting TBH Creative’s Clutch profile.