Case study: patient-centered orthopedic care provider gets website overhaul

As a first step to improving usability, TBH Creative refreshed and modernized all the elements of OrthoIndy’s brand identity, expanding guidelines to create consistency in voice and tone across communications channels, both online and in print. Some of the enhancements to improve messaging clarity and uniformity included the addition of an expanded color palette, the creation of dynamic custom icons, and the selection of secondary, supportive typefaces.

Based on the results of audience interviews and personas research, TBH Creative also revamped the OrthoIndy website around patient needs. We made the search feature more prominent, completely changed the way location information is presented, and reorganized medical services-related content around pain.

In the first 90 days after relaunching the new website, OrthoIndy saw an 80% in increase in appointment request form submissions as a result of these significant updates.
Example of a custom content component designed for OrthoIndy


Who is OrthoIndy, and what do they do?

OrthoIndy lives up to its reputation as an exceptional provider of comprehensive patient-centered bone, joint, spine and muscle care. Its patients are used to consistently receiving both compassionate care and leading-edge treatments.
One View website previewIn the responsive design, we kept the "Request an Appointment" and "Find a Physician" buttons prominent for a better user experience.

Why was OrthoIndy looking for help with a new website?

The OrthoIndy marketing team was frustrated with their previous web services vendor and content management system (CMS) because they had little control of their old website. Having heard of TBH Creative before, they reached out to our team to discuss how we could help them resolve these issues with a new website design and CMS tool.

OrthoIndy needed:

  • The ability to easily add new blog posts and resources—as well as edit website pages—without advanced coding knowledge.
  • A tailor-made solution to make it easier for patients to request appointments at a specific location (and with the correct physician practicing at that location).
  • A better way for patients who visited their website to access basic information, including crucial things like addresses, directions, and contact information. 

    What did TBH do to meet the goals of the website redesign project?

    • After the launch of the new website design, we trained their team on the ins-and-outs of using their new, easy-to-use TBH Creative CMS. Now everyone on OrthoIndy’s team can quickly—and confidently—make changes to their website.
    • We customized a directory tool to interact with the TBH Creative form builder to generate a path to appointment request with dynamic field variables.
    • Our design and development teams solved the problems with “locations” by developing custom applications to populate the locations map, linking the map to the list of locations, and allowing patients to find physicians and book appointments by location.
    Check out the full details of our work with OrthoIndy on our portfolio.

    What did OrthoIndy think of the website project?

    Kasey Prickel, OrthoIndy
    “TBH Creative is such a great company to work with for web based solutions. They didn’t just design a pretty website (and they did design a beautiful site). TBH got to know our business and goals, and they helped build a strategy to ensure that our website was another marketing tool to help us gain customers and build relationships. I have worked with a lot of web vendors over the years, and no one compares to TBH.”—Kasey Prickel, director of marketing, OrthoIndy

    Compared to other projects, what worked well on this website redesign project?

    One of the best things about this project is that they trusted us. It was a great collaboration from day one. The OrthoIndy marketing team shared helpful insights into what their patients needed and information about their industry, and we made recommendations for solving patient problems based on best web marketing practices.

    Having recently completed a disappointing website project with another vendor, OrthoIndy clearly articulated their needs at the start of the project and shared details that they knew they didn’t get the first time.

    When it was time to test and launch their new website with TBH Creative, they were completely engaged and hands on with testing. They also allocated the time needed to really learn how to use the CMS.

    Their commitment made a big difference. We couldn’t have asked for better partners.


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