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6 things we can learn from the evolution of homepage design

6 things we can learn from the evolution of homepage design
Technological advances and rapidly changing trends have helped usher in a new era of web design. This has brought along some much needed improvements to functionality, content strategy, and the overall user experience. To see these improvements in action, look no further than the homepage of a modern, well-designed website.

By comparing modern homepage designs with those of the past, you can pinpoint the shifts in strategy and design that make today’s websites more successful. Understanding these changes can help you to better evaluate the effectiveness of your own website. Consider the following ways that homepage design has changed into consideration when looking for ways to improve your website.

Hire a professional writer for your website, and you won’t regret it.

Hire a professional writer for your website
Updating or creating a new website is a big undertaking for an organization. Even after you take the time to find the right website design agency, you have quite a lot of work ahead of you. Strategy sessions, site architecture, design review and perhaps the biggest mountain of them all: content development.

Want to know one of the top delays in a website design project? Content development when it’s taken on by the client. Simply put, it’s hard to find the time to organize and write pages and pages of content for a website on top of your daily responsibilities. Add in the fact that writing for a website is different than writing traditional marketing pieces - you have to consider design elements, character counts, SEO, multiple calls to action and more. Writing for your own website can quickly seem overwhelming. Do yourself a favor, hire a writer to develop your website content. Let me tell you why…

Transform digital marketing into your top salesperson

Sales person
Once you know your ideal customer and have identified concrete goals, you can use that knowledge to inform website design and content creation. Aiming toward particular benchmarks helps you communicate effectively in order to lead site visitors in the right direction.

Many businesses begin marketing on the strength of personal relationships. At first, this works—you leverage your contacts and dabble in social media on the side and the business grows organically.

But as you begin to scale up, ad hoc networking starts to break down. You and your team only have so much time. Can you really be the networker for multiple locations or a larger business? How will you find time to extend all of those relationships and reach new customers while also running your growing business and working in the core competencies that keep you viable? How can you sustain growth and continue to achieve success in a rapidly changing marketplace?

Customer service: Why is it important, what makes it exceptional, and how does it impact marketing?

The thing about customer service is that you'll always remember when you've had a really good experience and when you've had a terrible service, too.

That's true in the minds of our clients and customers as well. Exceptional customer service isn't just nice to have. It is necessary.
Floral customer service

Why is customer service important?

Did you know it is less expensive to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones? According to Entrepreneur, it costs approximately five times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one.

Providing excellent service helps many businesses gain new customers as well through word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, happy customers tell nine people on average about their experience. (HubSpot).

On the flip side, a recent Customer Experience Report study determined that 82% of people have stopped doing business with a company because of a poor customer service experience. So yeah, customer service is vital for business success and even provides a competitive advantage.

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