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Increase engagement on your company Facebook page this week by sharing these 3 posts

Increase engagement on your company Facebook page
Social media isn’t just for kids anymore. Businesses have been regularly increasing their digital marketing budgets each year, including social media strategy and management. Why? Because the average user logs in on social media for over an hour and a half a day – an average of 12 hours / week according to GlobalWebIndex. People of all ages are spending more time on social media than ever before, which is why your business should be strategically and consistently utilizing a Company Page on Facebook.

One valuable metric of social media performance is the engagement rate. Engagement on Facebook includes any time someone likes, shares, comments, or clicks on a post. When users take the time to interact with your posts, it is a good indicator that your content is reaching them on some level. In other words, when your social media engagement rate improves it is a tell-tale sign that your messaging is resonating with your audience.

Best of 2016: Pediatrics websites

Pediatric healthcare websites serve multiple purposes. Visitors may be searching for specific medical specialties, hours and locations, general health resources, or information about certain doctors or service lines in their community. The challenge for marketers is to present all of this information in a strategic, visually compelling way.

Since we work with multiple pediatric-focused clients, we are always on the lookout for exceptional pediatric websites that meet that challenge effectively. Over this past year, we’ve found several websites that are too good not to share. Check out our five favorite pediatric websites of 2016 for some creative inspiration. Enjoy!

Internal Marketing Benefits Your Employees and Customers

Think about your interactions with the employees of another business. Which ones left you wanting to come back for more - wanting to come back to spend more of your money on their product or service? Chances are, it was because you had a good experience where the interaction felt clear and profitable. The decision-makers of that business are doing something to achieve that clarity and value for you, and it is all a function of their marketing. Salespeople, account managers, producers, and customer service reps are all extensions of their brand, pieces of the marketing mix who touch customers in various ways regularly – make sure they are a part of your marketing strategy.

How can you help ensure that your employees are satisfied, and in turn satisfying your customers? Read on to see how you can consider internal marketing, how it impacts employees, and how it can have a big impact on your external brand - and your bottom line.
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Three reasons to hire a professional website designer

Three reasons to hire a professional website designer
Your website is often the first impression people have of your business. Do you treat it that way?

When people come to TBH Creative for a website redesign, they often come to us with a website that wasn’t designed by a professional website designer and they now realize the limitations of that decision. Whether that decision was driven by budget or convenience doesn’t matter. The fact is, that company short-changed their website and are feeling the pains of it now: the website isn’t generating enough leads; sales people don’t use it as part of their process; it doesn’t clearly present company benefits; it’s a poor representative of their brand.

These businesses have realized the hard way that it’s worth it to hire a professional website designer. Someone who makes a living focused on website design, functionality and digital marketing. Someone who can make a website that doesn’t just look cool but that accomplishes concrete business goals.

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