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Three strategic things to do for your new website

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A lot of work goes into redesigning or creating a new website. Site architecture, content, photos, calls to action, wireframe layouts, design elements… there’s definitely a sense of satisfaction when all of those pieces come together to present your organization in a whole new light. As a savvy marketer knows, however, that work is just the beginning. You cannot simply post a new website and hope that it accomplishes your goals.

A successful website needs strategic support to meet your goals. Here are three key activities we recommend pursuing after your website launches.

What to do after your website launch party

After all the time and effort that goes into creating a website, finally launching it is an exciting moment! However, it’s important to remember that the work doesn’t stop there. You need an effective strategy in place in order to attract visitors to your website and increase engagement once your website is live.
The following tips will help guide you through the steps you should take post-launch:

How to use influencer marketing to create a “buzz” about your website launch

How to use influencer marketing to create a “buzz” about your website launch
So you’re launching a brand new website design, eh?! Congratulations! One of the best parts of the process is getting to show off the finished result (and drive traffic to the new site, of course). In this article, we walk step-by-step through how to use social media to promote your new website to your brand influencers and ambassadors.

Step 1: Set a date

It is best to plan your big reveal for at least a week after the “soft launch” of your new website. This allows you the opportunity to test all the functionality with real visitors and make final adjustments. Prior to the official launch, plan to share the new site with targeted viewers, like staff members, and ask them to report back any issues that should be addressed.

5 tips to a successful website kick-off meeting

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The kick-off meeting is the foundation of every project here at TBH Creative. We continue to fine tune our project meeting plans to make sure we are best meeting the needs of our clients from this first team interaction.

Based on our learnings, we have five tips to help you have the most successful website kick-off meeting.

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