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Supporting an event with a complete online & print marketing campaign: a case study

Campaign Marketing for River Bluff Run
Long-time client, Logansport Memorial Hospital came to us a few months ago with a new project related to their annual River Bluff Run & Fun Walk. Held each October, this event has become an important fundraiser for the Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation. Proceeds benefit the LMH Foundation Breast Screening Fund—a fund that supports mammograms for uninsured Cass County Women ages 40 and older. Their previous marketing for this event has been done in-house and they were ready to make some upgrades.

The list of needs for this project exceeded their budget. They knew this and asked us what we could accomplish off their wish list within budget. After reviewing and knowing the cause behind the event, we decided to do the entire list and more as an in-kind donation. It’s a great event, and we were proud to support their efforts at raising awareness and providing breast cancer screenings.

Five habits for highly effective content marketing

five habits of highly effective content marketers
Remember when that book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People was all the rage? (I may have just dated myself there.) Well the premise of the book is that if you want something to change, you need to focus on your personal attitudes and behaviors. If you aren’t achieving your goals, you need to think about the process differently and consider your own role in that process.

I think we can apply the same concept to content marketing. Content marketing is still a relatively new field. It’s something many of us want to be better at. And it’s something that many marketing plans are starting to incorporate into goals and objectives. Instead of talking about good content marketing practices (though those articles are also very worthwhile) let’s talk about good habits of effective content marketers.

We're Hiring a Digital Marketing Assistant: Join our Team and Share

Join our team!  TBH Creative is hiring a Digital Marketing Assistant. The position will handle a variety of marketing and administrative needs. If you enjoy the small business / fast-paced environment and love marketing, you may be a good fit.

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter and good communicator. We are looking for something who has the ability to wear multiple hats, strives for excellence, and is looking for daily opportunities to learn and grow.

We are a motivated team, and we work on awesome projects. We are hard-working, and we never miss a deadline. Our office is located in Carmel, Indiana, in the Carmel Office Suites (Keystone and Carmel Drive). We offer virtual working arrangements and flexible schedules.

8 marketing-focused questions to ask when reviewing a web design

8 marketing-focused questions to ask when reviewing a web design
Just because a web design looks good doesn’t mean it is a successful website. There are a variety of factors in addition to look and feel that contribute to the success of a web design, such as whether or not it provides a good user experience or adequately meets a business’s goals. These factors should be taken into consideration when reviewing a website design in order to maximize its potential.

Asking the following questions can help you to conduct a more productive review of a website design and how it will work to help achieve your overall marketing goals.

Images and your website: Tips for choosing effective imagery

choosing images for your website
Images are a powerful communication tool on the web. Selecting the right imagery for your website can help attract attention, elicit emotion, and build trust with your visitors. Therefore, choosing images is a crucial step in the website design process. It's important to put thought into the images you choose for your website and how your visitors will perceive those images.

In this article, we've outlined basic tips for selecting and using images on your website.

3 methods for creating mockups

website mockups
When you are working on a web design, it's important to plan out your ideas. Many web designers start out with wireframes to organize the content of the page and determine the layout of page elements. Once wireframes are complete, the next step in the process is typically to create a more full-featured design mockup. Creating a mock-up for your design is a helpful way to work out the appearance of page elements before committing anything to code.

In this post, we'll discuss three popular methods that you can use to mock-up your website design.

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