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CSS3 Series, Part 3: Fixed headers

CSS3 Series, Part 3: Fixed headers
Fixed headers are a hot topic in the web design world, and they can be found on all types of websites. As you scroll down the page, you'll notice the header area "sticks" to the top, staying in place as you scroll down. The fixed header is a popular feature for good reason; it can provide a better user experience and improve the overall navigation of a site.

Fixed header benefits

The main benefit of fixed headers becomes obvious when browsing a site that has one: navigation. Especially with lengthy pages, a fixed header makes it easier to navigate to a different page without scrolling back up to the top of the site. This is especially important on one-page sites, so users can jump from section to section more quickly and efficiently.

CSS3 Series, Part 2: Infinite Scrolling

We've all been here: you're making your way through your latest posts and just reaching the end, when suddenly even more content shows up, and you start all over again.

If you frequent social media sites, such as Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest, you're probably familiar with the concept of infinite scrolling. This never-ending content approach is often used to enhance a user's experience on sites that produce massive amounts of content such as the aforementioned social media sites. However, does infinite scrolling really provide a better experience or just frustration? Let's take a closer look at infinite scrolling and find out.

Website Redesign & Strategy: Logansport Memorial Hospital

We launched an updated website for Logansport Memorial Hospital today.

TBH Creative has been working with Logansport Memorial Hospital since 2011. In 2012, we upgraded their technology as a primary focus. We gave them a quick facelift at that time, but planned for a more thorough redesign and focus on content in 2013.

CSS3 Series, Part 1: Transitions

In this series, I will be focusing on CSS3 tips and techniques to enhance certain elements on your website and give users a smooth user experience. Look for future posts about other CSS3 techniques in the upcoming weeks.

Understanding transition effects
Transitions allow for more graceful and elegant transitions between elements over a specified period of time. Rather than an abrupt transition of background colors or content, transitions give website visitors an elegant and smooth experience.

CSS3 Series, Introduction: Transforms, Infinite Scrolling, Fixed Headers, Borders, and Shadows

Female programmer working at home
During the upcoming weeks, we'll explain how to use a few CSS3 techniques and tips that can make a big difference in your website.

For web designers, keeping up with industry trends not only helps us grow as professionals, but enables our clients to shine by having beautiful and intuitive websites. Becoming familiar with these new features not only adds that extra touch to websites, but helps move the industry forward creating an ever evolving environment.

In this series, we will dive into several techniques that will give your users a smooth experience when interacting with certain elements on your website. Additionally, CSS3 gives web professionals the flexibility (while being fast to implement) to incorporate various styles and features in a website.

Four useful strategies for handling online reviews

Social media can be a blessing and a curse. Its blessing is that it can provide inexpensive consumer research because your customer is right there. Plus, it can provide free advertising for a job well done from people "just like us," not some super model with gorgeous hair who says she uses Brand X shampoo (yeah right). However, it can also be a curse. Dissatisfied customers can say things from a distance that they are not brave enough to say in person. This can cause real problems especially, for small businesses.

The value of the meta tag to your website

The value of the meta tag to your website
Once upon an Internet, meta tags were very important tools to help make sure a website was found by search engines. Today, the tags don't serve much of a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purpose but they still have an important place in website strategy. When your site is found in a search engine, the meta tags give the user valuable information about your site.

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