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Proactive website maintenance

Proactive Website Maintenance
Remember when you designed your website? You probably had meetings, gathered consensus, spent time (and money) on making sure everything was just right. Do you give your existing site half that attention?

A website is designed to be an active component of your organization's marketing strategy. As such, the content should never be static. We strongly recommend that all of our clients use a Content Management System (CMS) to help update and maintain their own website. In fact, most of our clients have control over 95% of their website content. They are able to add and remove pages, update information, add pictures and more. A good CMS is often the difference between waiting until your sales staff complains about an outdated page and making sure the site accurately reflects today’s business.

Sketch your way to user experience success

The well-known adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" means a lot when it comes to planning a website. In his book Sketching User Experience, UX guru Bill Buxton wrote that sketching "does not represent a refined proposal, but rather simply suggests a tentative concept." It's the freedom, energy, and minimal detail of simple sketches that invites the flow of suggestions and refinements that lead to stronger, more refined concepts and ideas.

Sketches are an inexpensive and timely tool that help everyone involved with the creation of a new website (or those participating in a website redesign) to visually understand how users will interact with content. While words can help explain functionality, sketches that show everything from the location of navigation and placement of buttons takes concepts to the next level by adding concrete complexity. 

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