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Web & Graphic Design: Favorite "Go To" Books

I've always been one of those students that buys every book for every class. The only book renting I have done is for classes that don't really deal with design. Some books the professors pick are outdated and irrelevant in 6 months. My favorite books aren't necessarily timeless, but they will be helpful for many years to come.

Below I have listed my favorite books and why I keep going back to them time after time.

Browser Wars: Which browser is better?

Illustration by Galit Weisberg.
There will always be battling on the Internet. Facebook vs. Twitter, your local news channel vs. The Weather Channel, Chrome vs. Firefox. Most people use what they are used to, or what they grew up with. This is why Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome are the most widely used browsers. Internet Explorer was #1 until it was passed by Firefox in 2009. W3 Schools has put together a very nice graph to illustrate browser use throughout the last decade.

Captivate your Audience with Video

Guest blog by Lisa Whitman of Digital Stories Productions

True confession:  On the afternoon of the Academy Awards, I spent nearly 2 hours on my computer watching trailers for all of the nominations. I know. Don't judge me.

I didn't set out to waste so much time.  I had unanswered emails and phone calls to make.  Deadlines and Dinner.  And yet, because of an innocent looking tweet that linked me to the official Oscar website, I spent the afternoon at the 'movies'.

The Best (and Not So Great) Hospital Website Designs

Check out a newer version of this post! For more recent examples, head over to our latest hospital web design showcase.

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish what makes a website the "best" because much of it is subjective. Other aspects are more fair to judge such as usability, use of space, site architecture, and content. After searching the Internet for hospital websites, I quickly was able to find some that did all of the above well. Some of it may still be personal preference and even colors.

Last year, we created a post on the Best Healthcare Websites and Must Haves. It's interesting to see what similarities and differences there are within a year.

Below, I have reviewed three of my favorite hospital websites as well as two of my least favorite.

Web Design: 2012 Republican Candidate Websites

Web Design: 2012 Republican Candidate Websites
With the 2012 Presidential Primaries right around the corner, I thought it would be a perfect time to talk about the Republican candidate websites. Some states have already had their primaries. Mark your calendars folks, Indiana primaries are May 8!

Below is my review of the Presidential Republican Candidate websites of 2012:

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