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5 tips for effective web design

5 Tips for Effective Web Design
What makes a website good is an effective design. I have thought long and hard about what type of effective web design tips to list without leaving the list too long. Here are some of the tips that I came up with. The design needs to include:
  1. Use white space
  2. Avoid whole Flash websites
  3. Use accessible dropdown menus
  4. Embrace simplicity
  5. Design with text instead of graphics

Website Redesign for RJE Business Furniture

Website Redesign for RJE Business Furniture
Your website home page is your first impression to your audience (your clients, partners and colleagues). Immediately, a business home page should answer the question "What do you do?" (or "What do you sell?" or "What do service do you offer?") and allow visitors to quickly and easily find what they need. These things should happen within seconds and without effort or thinking from the end-user. This is called intuitive web design.

Web Design Awards 2011

In honor of the Oscars this year, I decided to give out awards for my favorite designs of 2011. Some of the websites could go into many categories, but I picked out their best feature that they succeeded in creating.

Four Guidelines for Hosting Videos on your website

Video is visual, it's immediate and it's powerfully persuasive tool to communicate your message online. If you have invested in video production for your website, you need it to play and load properly without interruptions.

For hosting video, one of the major video sharing sites like YouTube or Vimeo are good options.  As long as the hosting servers are optimized for video, any one of the above sites will do.  The important factors are:

6 Secret Weapon JQuery Tricks

6 Secret Weapon JQuery Tricks
JQuery is a secret weapon being used throughout the web. If you aren't sure what it's being used for or when you've seen it, you'll soon find out through these great examples. JQuery is JavaScript code that allows a developer to create animation without Flash software. Plus most of the JQuery code doesn't take as long to develop or make changes.

Helpful web design tips for type

Typesetting plays an important role in all designs. Your fonts are a part of your branding and they communicate your company's goals and mission. What fonts you choose and how you handle them communicates volumes.

Web type guidelines

Use relative fonts
Having relative fonts on your website is most important rule for using type online. When a website uses relative fonts, the type will change accordingly if the user zooms in, enlarges the text, or has a preference size set for their browser. There are certain ways to make your font adjustable. The preferred way to change the font size is in the CSS. Don't use a <font> tag and change it in the HTML (as mentioned on W3C's website). CSS is not only a lot easier, but it also saves bandwidth which means better speed and performance for users.

Find out why mobile web design is good (and necessary) for your business

Find out why mobile web design is good (and necessary) for your business
As smart phones continue to climb in popularity, mobile web design is becoming extremely important for visibility and your online 'image'. And since the iPhone is now available for Verizon, more people will be joining the crowd with touch screen smart phones.

Mobile web design is important for your business. Why? Because your audience (clients, partners, supporters) are using their phones to find you and read about your business. They will be frustrated if your website does not work for them on their phones. This trend is not going anywhere. If anything, it will become more and more important in 2011.

Below are some important things to consider while creating a design for a phone.

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