With the tagline: imagine. innovate. inspire. Midwest Studios clearly tells you that it is in the business of creating something special. From computer animation to 3D Printing, museum models to mobile apps – the team at Midwest Studios are technical storytellers, helping people communicate their concepts at any scale.  

Project Background

Midwest Studios was referred to TBH Creative in 2008 and has been a client ever since. TBH developed their first website with our content management system (CMS) and added several custom functionality pieces. Over the years, we have worked on other creative projects for Midwest Studios. Most recently we helped them plan a full website upgrade project including strategy, implementing a redesign, adding responsive coding, and a focus on custom application development.

The original intent of the website was to display model work and animations but during the project their company decided to show the true depth of their marketing capabilities and the website structure and functionality had to evolve to allow for these changes. TBH Creative adapted the project based on how their business was changing and growing.

Tatum Hindman notes, “I never would have predicted the way this project rolled out, and I am excited about their new website! The CMS allows the Midwest Studios team to make edits easily and our customizations give them the freedom and creativity they need. Working with their highly detailed and creative team allowed us to do some of our best work. The visual presentation of the website is clean and impressive.”


Key Website Features & Benefits

“The initial scope was to create a new website for one of our studio sites but, after many months, the new scope changed to implementing a completely new company website that is an overview of all of our studios,” notes Multimedia Specialist Katie Hennessey. “Once we had clear vision of what we wanted, TBH Creative was able to quickly give us a more customizable CMS and complete control of the front-end.”

Uniquely customized content management: Midwest Studios truly stretched the limits of our CMS solution increasing its functionality and client control. Midwest Studios has the technical staff to handle more controls such as adding core page elements, controlling visuals and creating microsites – a feature they use extensively.

Cool functionality:
  • Midwest Studios took our microsite feature and used it in a totally new way. They build multiple mini-sites for their clients to show off their work and share files. 
  • TBH developed a project showcase for Midwest Studios which connects to a rotator function that scrolls through their work, demonstrating their capabilities with photos and videos.

Project Results

Initial results are good! First month stats show that, on average, visitors are spending over 5 minutes per visit and looking at a good number of pages while on the site. The client is still watching trends and we look forward to hearing about some of their quantified results as time goes on. The new site is definitely an improved marketing piece and we are all excited about it’s potential.

Improved communication: The site more accurately shares what Midwest Studios is all about and, with its array of content management tools, is easy to keep updated and correct.

Stronger marketing showcase: Midwest Studios has an impressive portfolio and needed a better way to communicate that to their prospective clients. The new website gives them a variety of ways to show off their work and does so in a bigger, more exciting fashion. The goal was to make viewers says “wow” and our focus was on helping them make that big impression.

Future Plans

TBH Creative will continue working rwith Midwest Studios, supporting function upgrades, custom application needs and assistance with strategy, analytics or SEO as needed to support their talented staff.


“The strongest benefit to working with TBH Creative is Tatum herself! She has been incredible and unbelievably flexible with us over the years. We truly appreciate the willingness of Tatum and her whole team to evolve with us.”
Multimedia Specialist Katie Hennessey

About Midwest Studios 

Since 1987, Midwest has helped clients around the world bring their ideas to life, their visions to reality, their messages to market. Building museum exhibits, visitor centers, architectural models, computer animations, interactive prototypes and more to help their clients communicate concepts and make those concepts a reality.

Visit the new website: www.midwest-studios.com