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Case study: Leading orthopedics hospital gets colorful healthcare website design

orthonebraska mobile
Through its hospital and unified network of clinics, OrthoNebraska serves people in Omaha and its surrounding communities with a wide range of award-winning orthopedic services and treatments.

TBH Creative worked closely with the OrthoNebraska marketing team to plan, design, and develop a user needs-centric healthcare website that is easy to maintain and helps patients:
  • Understand the “magic” of OrthoNebraska’s reputation as a destination for exceptional, personalized orthopedic care (with design and messaging upgrades that support guidelines established as part of their brand identity)
  • Find critical content that they need quickly and easily by reorganizing content and leveraging user experience best practices

Building a better website for construction company

The Hagerman Group website design preview View »
The Hagerman Group is a family-owned construction engineering company with projects ranging from Conner Prairie’s interactive four-story treehouse to healthcare firm Zevacor Molecular’s headquarters in Noblesville.

Hagerman hired TBH Creative because it needed a redesigned website featuring:
  • A customized CMS to simplify editing and adding new content
  • Updated copywriting built around personas for more consistent messaging
  • Bold design updates to better match the company brand
  • Site architecture refinements to provide a more cohesive and user-friendly experience

The solution—

TBH Creative’s website redesign work included:
  • Website architecture strategy
  • Web audience/persona research
  • Modern, responsive website design
  • Web development
  • Web content writing and editing
  • WordPress theming and customization
  • Content management system training
Launch date: Spring 2018

Case study: fundraising website design

Franciscan Health Foundation fundraising website design
The Franciscan Health Foundation’s redesigned website supports its programming and services that provide “comfort to those who need it.”
The Franciscan Health Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Franciscan Health, an award-winning system of accredited hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The focus of the Foundation’s work is to provide critical support to programs and services addressing the ever-growing healthcare challenges of communities throughout Indiana, Illinois, and Michigan.

The Foundation hired TBH Creative because it needed a redesigned website featuring:
  • Customized functionality to simplify making gifts online
  • Expanded storytelling content to build engagement
  • Bold design updates to better match their new brand assets
  • Site architecture refinements to provide a more cohesive and user-friendly experience

Case study: patient-centered orthopedic care provider gets website overhaul

We worked closely with the OrthoIndy marketing team to design a new website to better serve their patients and community.

Why was OrthoIndy looking for help with a new website?
  • The ability to easily add new blog posts and resources—as well as edit website pages—without advanced coding knowledge.
  • A tailor-made solution to make it easier for patients to request appointments at a specific location (and with the correct physician practicing at that location).
  • A better way for patients who visited their website to access basic information, including crucial things like addresses, directions, and contact information. 

Case Study: Updating website design and function for better lead generation

One View website design project
When One View’s marketing team approached us, they were in need of a complete website overhaul. They knew their website was outdated. It was difficult for their website visitors to navigate to learn more about One View’s services, and they were receiving no leads or requests for demos from the website.

Using strategy and industry research, we designed a modern and responsive website that was a significant improvement from previous to communicate their superiority in the industry. We expanded on their brand definition (with their permission) by introducing a blue overlay to photos and bright green accent, creating custom icons for services and actions, and building around the flat (more modern) version of the logo. We integrated several third-party software tools to streamline processes, and we modularized the CMS templates for easy editing by their team.

Web Development Case Study: Tracking Football

A phased website development approach leads to greater success

Tracking Football LLC is a football recruiting service that helps college and professional football teams identify key recruits based on independent athletic data. It’s a different approach to football recruiting and as a web-based product requires a site that is easy-to-use for fans while also marketing and educating their targeted prospects.
Tracking Football Web Design Home Page
When Tracking Football contacted TBH Creative they had a functional website that they had outgrown. It was a complicated new approach they were bringing to the industry, and the website didn’t educate the marketplace well enough. They needed a more polished design. And they had some new ideas for their service that required custom online functionality. Our first step? Define a phased approach to get the new site out working in the market in the short term while strategically adding functionality upgrades over time.

Website Design and Digital Marketing Case Study: Baker Hill

Re-establishing a brand identity with more robust website and digital marketing

As a company, Baker Hill was going through a big transition. After a change in ownership, they needed to re-establish their brand—a brand that had historic value but had been downplayed in recent years. They were counting on the web as a big part of launching the Next Generation of Baker Hill, and they were on a fast track to tie in digital marketing and video content at the same time.
Baker Hill Web Design Case Study

Case Study: Baker Hill Client Meeting Event Marketing

Recently, the banking software professionals at Baker Hill came to us for help creating the design collateral and event brand for their annual Client Meeting in August. The Baker Hill Client Meeting event was a 3-day conference in downtown Indianapolis with speakers and presenters sharing the latest updates and software to banking professionals in the area.

They were planning this event in a shorter than usual time table and had just completed a brand refresh.They wanted to showcase the new components and visually communicate a theme of Evolution and the Next Generation of Baker Hill.

Event Logo - Baker Hill Evolution

Website Redesign Case Study: Growing Grins Pediatric Dentistry

Redefined brand and improved user-functionality

Growing Grins Pediatric Dentistry came to TBH Creative because they wanted an improved website. The website they had was built in a template that did not represent the brand well and was not user-friendly; it also lacked necessary functionality. Dr. Diana Kozlowski and her team knew there was an opportunity to improve their digital footprint to better reach and serve their customers.

Their wish list included design elements that incorporated the whimsical nature of their branding but more professional. With a focus on user-experience, Dr. Diana also wanted to add interactive functionality for pertinent client information, records, and updates on the website. This upgrade would help customers for convenience and help their office in efficiency. 

Growing Grins needed a website that could be part of their customer service experience.

Event landing page: a case study (Lappin180)

Our neighbors, Lappin180, came to us a few months ago with a new project. This was our first website project with Lappin180 although we have been assisting with other marketing needs since 2015. Their main website was created by another vendor a few years ago and has outdated content and style. For this important event, they wanted an upgraded and impressive page that better represented their brand.

This was the first event of this type that Lappin180 has offered and they needed an easy solution to sell tickets, integrate video, and tell users about the value of the event. Held in June, the “Avoid the Collapse” event showcased sales training from Lappin180 founder, Dan Lappin.
Event landing page example

Website Redesign Case Study: Catching the website up with your business (Strategic Materials)

It’s a common problem: your business grows, you add new standards, your team has their hands full dealing with the everyday aspects of business and before you know it, your website is drastically out of date. It’s time for a website redesign from the bottom up—new architecture, updated design elements and new content.
View the new website at
This was certainly the case for Strategic Materials. They knew the website was one of their primary “faces” in the marketplace but they had let it get behind the times. They came to TBH Creative wanting to start with a sound strategy and then move into new design and content.

Website Redesign Case Study for New Song Mission

New Song Mission has been a client of TBH Creative’s since 2008. As a small, not-for-profit organization they kept their site design and content management system as long as possible. Over time, they realized that the site had become hard to update and difficult for their users. They knew it was time for an updated design and wanted to make sure they could manage the site well into the future to save costs and maximize use of their website.

New Website for New Song Mission on laptop
Visit the new website at

Supporting an event with a complete online & print marketing campaign: a case study

Campaign Marketing for River Bluff Run
Long-time client, Logansport Memorial Hospital came to us a few months ago with a new project related to their annual River Bluff Run & Fun Walk. Held each October, this event has become an important fundraiser for the Logansport Memorial Hospital Foundation. Proceeds benefit the LMH Foundation Breast Screening Fund—a fund that supports mammograms for uninsured Cass County Women ages 40 and older. Their previous marketing for this event has been done in-house and they were ready to make some upgrades.

The list of needs for this project exceeded their budget. They knew this and asked us what we could accomplish off their wish list within budget. After reviewing and knowing the cause behind the event, we decided to do the entire list and more as an in-kind donation. It’s a great event, and we were proud to support their efforts at raising awareness and providing breast cancer screenings.

Website Redesign Case Study: Aircom Manufacturing

Improved sales support through updated website.

Aircom Manufacturing and its subsidiary, Medivative Technologies, knew that their customers and prospects were using the Internet more and more often when researching contract manufacturing partners. “You can hear them typing on the keyboard as soon as you introduce yourself and the company.” noted one of the sales directors in our project kick off meeting.

The employees of both companies agreed, the websites were outdated and did a poor job reflecting their capabilities. Our research into audience personas confirmed what the people at Aircom were experiencing. Their target market overwhelmingly said that Aircom and Medivative could do so much more than was represented on their website. All audience segments wanted to see more about manufacturing capabilities and experience.

Aircom needed more than a simple redesign, they needed a website that could be part of their sales kit. A website that would promote their services and explain their strengths.

Web Site Redesign Case Study: Tri Green Tractor

Tri Green Tractor came to TBH Creative with a common problem: an outdated website that was not effectively communicating with their audience. Instead of supporting their brand and sales efforts, the website was detracting from their work. Tri Green Tractor had started to attract a new audience that wasn’t just regional to their locations - farmers searching for used equipment from Central Indiana where the soil produces less wear and tear on the machines. The website needed to be upgraded to better meet the needs of this target market.

Web Redesign Case Study: Indigo BioAutomation

Indigo BioAutomation selected TBH Creative to professionally redesign their existing website and increase their conversions by creating a better digital communication tool to promote their software. Their current site had accurate information but was not performing well enough and had never had a professional design. They knew there was more potential to gain business through their website through improved graphics, stronger content, and more functionality including integration with Hubspot for increased lead generation.
Indigo BioAutomation New Website 2015
Visit the new and improved Indigo BioAutomation website

Web Redesign Case Study: Imaging Office Systems

Imaging Office Systems new website design

TBH Creative first worked with Imaging Office Systems to redesign their website back in 2010. The focus at that time was educating their audience on the depth and breadth of their services. The website was deep in content with lengthy descriptions of process and benefits. This year’s redesign had a much different goal in mind: to clearly describe how their work helps their clients and to do so in a much more concise and user-focused presentation.

They wanted to deliver their message with fewer words, more graphics and make better use of video on the website.

“Imaging Office Systems came to us with a distinct challenge,” notes TBH Creative President & Founder, Tatum Hindman. "They knew their current site wasn't working as well as it had in the past as a communication tool and they knew they wanted big changes but they didn't have a clear idea of where to take it."

TBH Creative spent a lot of time with Imaging Office Systems to prioritize key issues, look at other websites and hone in on the key elements that would guide this redesign.

Looking back on the strategic process, Tatum comments “With our long-term working relationship, we were able to easily identify places where we could add value and build on progress we’d made over the years. We helped Imaging Office Systems develop a clear vision and we were excited to bring that vision to life with strong visuals, clear content, and dynamic videos."

Web development case study: An adaptable, customized website

With the tagline: imagine. innovate. inspire. Midwest Studios clearly tells you that it is in the business of creating something special. From computer animation to 3D Printing, museum models to mobile apps - the team at Midwest Studios are technical storytellers, helping people communicate their concepts at any scale.  

Project Background

Midwest Studios was referred to TBH Creative in 2008 and has been a client ever since. TBH developed their first website with our content management system (CMS) and added several custom functionality pieces. Over the years, we have worked on other creative projects for Midwest Studios. Most recently we helped them plan a full website upgrade project including strategy, implementing a redesign, adding responsive coding, and a focus on custom application development.

Web Development Case Study: Creating a fully responsive site for a very active organization

Jump IN for Healthy Kids is a new organization working to reduce childhood obesity in central Indiana with a community-wide initiative of civic, health, business and education organizations. Jump IN intends to be the catalyst for evidence-based best practices that will measurably improve our children's health.

A case study for flexible, functional web design: Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township

What do you do when you have 21 different websites and want them all to have a common appearance but a distinct identity? That was the challenge that the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township brought to TBH Creative and their partner on this project, BitWise Solutions.

The MSD of Lawrence Township consists of four early learning centers, 11 elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools, and a Center for Innovation & Technology. Each of those school facilities needs its own website - and the district needs its own website that ties them all together. "The real challenge wasn't coming up with a consistent look and feel that best represents their image," notes TBH Creative President Tatum Hindman. "The real challenge was keeping that consistent look and feel while also giving each facility the opportunity to use their own pictures, logos and school colors."

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