Mac Ely, TBH Creative Digital Marketing Intern
Hiya! I’m Mac, the digital marketing intern. I just wrapped up my sophomore year in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, which marks the halfway point in my pursuit of a Marketing and Business Analytics degree. While I am new to the industry, I’m really excited to gain web design and writing experience this summer with TBH Creative!

I dipped my toes into the marketing world last summer, working in the marketing department of a larger corporation. However, I came to realize that my nine-to-five isn’t meant to be spent behind the three-and-a-half beige walls of a cubicle. I craved something more intimate, something client-facing, something bespoke. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to look too far! I was introduced to the TBH Creative team during my work last summer and quickly came to see they had what I wanted. Remembering how great the TBH team was to work with, I decided to reach out and apply for the internship position this summer.

A little bit about me: 

I’m a homegrown Hoosier, an art aficionado, and a numbers nerd (and I love alliteration). This odd combination of creativity and analytics lead me to pursue both a creative degree in marketing and a technical degree in business analytics. I’ve used these skills in various capacities, like during my time as marketing coordinator for IU student government, marketing internship last summer, and my new position as Director of Marketing for Delta Sigma Pi.

Top areas of expertise:
  • Copywriting and storytelling
  • Social media marketing
  • Photography
  • Data analytics and reporting

My interests include, but are not limited to:

The culinary arts. If you would have asked me in high school where I would be in four years, I would have said culinary school. My mother, however, had a different opinion.
Free Samples

Photography. My good side is behind the camera. I have always loved taking pictures and decided to make a business of it my senior year by taking classmate’s senior portraits. While at TBH, I’ll be capturing photographs for both client-related and TBH-branded social posts.

The frozen foods section of Trader Joe’s (hear me out). I’m always on the lookout for good marketing and advertising, and the packaging at Trader Joe’s is as clever as their food is tasty. What am I doing on my Saturdays off? Probably strolling down aisle 7 basking in all the lovely branding.

I look forward to my upcoming time with TBH Creative. I hope to become more efficient in content development and refine my style of writing while learning as much as I can about digital strategy and inbound marketing. With one week under my belt, I’ve already learned how to wear at least six or seven hats at a time–writing blog posts, developing social posts, designing content and taking pictures–and I’m excited for what is to come. Stayed tuned and subscribe for more of my blog posts about design trends, digital storytelling, and everyone’s favorite M-word: millennials.