Hi 😃 I’m Emily, TBH Creative’s new digital marketing assistant. I come to TBH with experience in corporate marketing, and I love communication and design. I am looking forward to working on a variety of marketing activities with a lot of different clients.

What do I do when I’m working?

I went to school at Indiana University Bloomington, and graduated with a degree in marketing from the Kelley School of Business. My favorite classes were always those that explored the importance of design when it comes to marketing and messaging—and, how your customers consume both. I started my career developing and supporting communications plans, managing social media, and developing marketing collateral.

I spent my first full week at TBH in a digital marketing crash course at the Hubspot Inbound Conference. It’s probably one of the more intense ways to get familiar with my new field (and with new coworkers), but it was really great. I learned more about digital marketing in four days than I did in four years at school, and I’m even more excited to start working on projects with the team.

Now that I’m actually in the office, I will be managing TBH Creative’s social media, assisting with website production, and getting involved in client projects, too.

What do I do when I’m not working?

Any of the below:
  • Traveling: I’ve been to four continents and 21 countries, and visiting all seven continents is on my bucket list. (Pictured: My fiancé Nate and I snorkeling in Iceland.)
  • Running: My family and I run races together, and we are training for a Disney half marathon right now.
  • Wedding planning: I am getting married next June.
  • Reading: I try to read at least one book per month, but it takes a conscious effort sometimes when Netflix is just right there.
  • Crafting: I love watercolor painting, lettering, and generally making things.
  • Watching TV shows: We watch multiple series in parallel, making for a very busy Netflix schedule at times.

Keep an eye out for more blog posts from me in the future (including a recap of my Inbound Conference crash course), as I dig into my work as digital marketing assistant.
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