Many organizations include a page within their About Us section to “meet the team.” It’s a great way to give your website audience a connection with people they may talk to on a regular basis. Many organizations use that section as a way to highlight their leadership and lend credibility to their company. Others use it to help their clients get in direct touch with key people. Whatever the reason, a team page is a standard feature of a website – but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Wondering what makes the best Our Team page?

Here at TBH Creative we encourage our clients to let their personality shine on their meet the team pages. Step outside the box of showing a head shot, listing title and contact info along side a resume of sorts. Instead, look for ways to show how the people in your organization make an impact. A bio page that goes beyond standard info resonates with your customers, shares insights with your partners, and connects with potential employees. With that in mind, here are 4 ways to liven up your team page.
“Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world.” — Robert McKee

Biography vs Profile

By definition a biography is an account of someone’s life. I yawn just thinking about that, don’t you? Unless you’re Amelia Earhart or Ghandi, you probably don’t have a very exciting biography. Your background, college education, job title etc are certainly key facts about you – but they don’t tell the whole story. Step away from the notion of using a team page as an online resume. Instead, look for ways to tell a story that matters to your audience. In other words, post a profile.

Kickstarter creative team bio page
Kickstarter team bios are short and sweet — and effective!

Since we’re talking definitions, let’s see what profile means. In this instance it refers to a short article giving a description of a person. Synonyms include description, account, study, portrait, portrayal, and rundown. In other words, a profile is a short story about a person. Which would you rather read when looking to learn more about an organization – a biography or a profile? Take some time to consider what values and style you want your profiles to convey. Develop a template or list of questions that you’d like your team to answer and use that information to build the profile.
Side note: A profile doesn’t have to be long. In fact, some of the most effective Our Team profiles out there are short, sweet and to the point – and they still convey a lot about the company’s image. 

Personal Quotes

One of the best ways to share some information about a person is to ask them what they want their clients or partners or audience to know. Instead of sharing a list of dry facts about how you work with people, share a quote that communicates it in your own voice. Your voice will resonate with people and stick with them far more than any bullet list of phrases.

Depending on the culture of your organization, you can take this one step farther and share your quote with a short video clip. A short, well-executed video can work wonders in conveying the tone and mission of your organization. You can even share a great deal by using super-short memes… (but only if that fits your corporate culture).

Think Outside the Head Shot Box

Step away from the driver’s license photo stance! Yes, head shots have a purpose but if you want to really convey the culture of your organization – do it with an engaging photo. (They don’t say a picture is worth a thousand words for nothing!) Take a photo against an interesting background. Make it a full body shot. Get people outside doing something they love. Showcase your office location by taking photos of your team in different areas. There are so many ways to share an image of the people that work in your organization and a standard face-forward, cropped at the shoulders view is probably the most boring of the bunch. If you want your Meet the Team page to reinforce your company’s image and convey what it’s like to work with and for your company, let your photos do the talking.

Etsy’s team page is creative and fun

Make a Connection

This tip is especially important for the client-facing people in your organization. If you are sharing team profiles for your customer service team, for example, share a few fun tidbits about your employees. Those fun facts help your clients really connect with your company – and a personal connection creates loyalty that can’t be bought.

Create a list of fun questions for each person on the team to answer. Include that Q&A as part of the profile, perhaps mixing up which questions are answered so they aren’t the same on each person’s profile. Giving your employees the opportunity to share a bit about themselves makes them feel better about working in your organization. Those personal, fun facts also help your clients and potential employees find a common bond.

TBH Creative creative team bio page
Our team pages share fun facts about each of us

Another fun way to make a connection? Share personal social media. Go beyond LinkedIn and let your clients laugh at your Twitter posts or share a recipe on Pinterest.
If you really want to have a great team page, make it relatable. Tell your readers about your values, what makes you different and, above all, make your team accessible. The story those team profiles tell emphasizes all the other good things your website is saying about your company. Stop thinking of your team profiles as a boring requirement and start thinking about them as pieces of your site that you can leverage.

A creative approach to story-telling doesn’t stop at the Our Team page. Your entire website will be more successful if its content is relatable. Need a content overhaul? TBH Creative can help.
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