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Maybe you’re convinced you need a digital marketing agency to build and maintain your website. Perhaps you understand the reasoning behind using an agency team to handle SEO and digital ads. But if you’re not tapping into a digital marketing agency for content creation, you’re missing out on a significant resource.

Why should a digital marketing agency handle our content?

You could—and maybe you do—write your own copy. You could—and maybe you do—assign an intern to do your social media. After all, you know your business best, and your intern probably got online before she learned to tie her shoes. But being a subject matter expert and being a professional writer are two different things. And being a digital native doesn’t automatically make someone a digital marketing expert.

A digital marketing agency brings a unique scope to your online content. We call it digital cross-pollination. A content strategist at a digital marketing agency understands how different types of communication work together—and how a unified voice and strategy can make your communications work more effectively.
A good digital marketing agency gets up to speed on your unique business quickly, and then leverages best practices from other industries and organizations to suggest unique solutions.
Digital cross-pollination ensures that your content not only communicates your message clearly to your target audience, but also engages each potential customer with fresh, creative copy.

What kind of content can a digital marketing agency provide?

We can’t speak for all digital marketing agency writers, but the best content creators comfortably adopt a wide range of voices and tones and write effectively in all sorts of applications. Basically, if it involves words, a professional content strategist can help. Consider asking a digital marketing agency to help you write:

Search engine optimized content for your website and blog

Don’t just put words online—make sure they are optimized with keywords and phrases to help you capture the right traffic.

Email marketing campaigns

Segment your email lists, warm up your leads, build brand awareness, and deliver the right information to your customers at the right time with strategically designed email campaigns.

Thought leadership pieces

Engaging white papers, infographics, articles, pillar pages, and press outreach can help you capture more market share and build your reputation.

Effective advertising

Your digital marketing agency can help you craft copy that converts by designing ads specifically for different platforms.

What are the benefits of professional content creation?

Free up your time

Get back to doing what you do best. Instead of pulling critical staff members off task to write blog posts or ads that may or may not match your overall tone and strategy, using a digital marketing agency ensures professional results on time and on budget.

Get more targeted traffic

Instead of hoping for the best with search engine traffic, content from a digital marketing agency uses advanced keyword research and metrics to deliver quality writing that also attracts more of the right visitors—the ones who fit your target profile and are looking for your product, solution, or information.

Improve conversions

Whether you’re looking for warmer leads, direct online sales, or to build awareness, hiring a digital marketing agency to write your online content helps you get more—and better—results.

Maximize your online presence by working with a digital marketing agency to build your content. Ready to learn more? TBH Creative can help you identify which content to prioritize, and the best mix of your in-house and professionally created content to match your goals.
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