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How email list cleaning reduces bounce rates and improves overall marketing ROI

email list cleaning graphic

Sometimes I procrastinate on completing important tasks. But, when it comes to email list cleaning, waiting until the last minute or doing it only after a major problem arises is the last thing you want to do.

Think of it like only flossing your teeth the day before you head to your biannual dentist visit. Sure, running some waxed floss between your teeth the night before is better than doing nothing. But, obviously, flossing only a handful of times before you see your dentist isn’t enough to maintain good oral health (and keep your hygienist from commenting about plaque buildup while they clean your choppers).

The same is true with email list cleaning. It’s not a task you should ignore if you want your email marketing campaigns always to perform as well as possible.

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How to produce a healthcare marketing report to find and engage patients

healthcare marketing report

If you don’t see the results from your current advertising strategy, it’s time to take a look at your healthcare marketing report. The importance of marketing in the healthcare industry is evident, and the best way to do it is to track and analyze your marketing data.

The truth is, there’s no universal approach to medical marketing. The most successful communications strategies are built on highly-defined targets—that’s the power of market reporting. This article explains why you need a healthcare marketing report and how to create one.

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5 best digital marketing articles in 2022

TBH Creative best digital marketing articles of 2022.

Imagine what could you do if you had 230 years of experience working in web marketing? That’s a long time (and likely a low-end estimate of how long the experts at TBH Creative have been producing complex websites, creating award-winning email drip campaigns, launching engaging social media promotions, managing results-driven paid ads, writing copy that converts, and more)! Steal our experts’ latest and greatest tips by checking out this list of our best digital marketing articles from 2022.

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