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Pat is a web designer, and he loves creating outside-the-box solutions for clients to make their brand stand out in the crowd. Pat enjoys blogging about the creative process in web design and the importance of building a solution based on requirements and research.

Top 10 healthcare website design trends and examples

Web designer creates a layout based on top healthcare website design trends

An excellent healthcare website design is vital because today’s patients expect their providers to deliver the care they need in-person and online. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, there was a 63-fold increase in virtual-care consultations and other telemedicine appointments during the COVID-19 pandemic. Whether users access your site to read up on doctors, view […]

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Top 10 popular web design trends of 2021

Website alert illustration

Catching up on the latest design trends is always fun homework when starting a website redesign. Though different preferred treatments may come and go, one thing never goes out of style: the best site designs always put function first and solve the problem in the most effective, efficient way.

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4 reasons to compromise on design decisions

web designer using laptop and holding mobile device

All finished websites are the result of design compromise. Compromising on design decisions is a standard part of every project—and overall that is a good thing—but, design compromising takes a nasty turn when those trade-offs go beyond the needs of the target audiences and start to hurt the effectiveness of the overall design. As a […]

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