Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich Update

What does this mean for developers? More headaches now, less later? Maybe.

Google is set to release the latest Android update in October or November. This update has been named Ice Cream Sandwich. Wait. Hold on. Didn’t Android mobile devices just get the Gingerbread update this summer? Technology never slows down.

There are so many different Android devices out there. The Honeycomb update was tablet-only and the Gingerbread update was mobile-only. Ice Cream Sandwich will support both big and small screens. The same version will finally be able to run on different sizes. This means no more developing for two different Android devices! The Ice Cream Sandwich update will cause some headaches in the next few months as developers will have to switch their applications over to the new software development kit (or prevent people from buying them).

The SDK is not available yet, but Google has posted some articles on their blog to try to prevent future headaches for developers. This will help developers get a jump start on the Ice Cream Sandwich update. Here is one of the helpful sketches from Google regarding the newest update:

Even though the Ice Cream Sandwich update may be causing some headaches in the next few months, it is preventing future headaches. Technology will continue to grow. Android devices will continue to multiply. It is better to create a uniform SDK now than later on. Do you think this is a wise move for Google?

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