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Best practices to optimize H1 headlines for SEO

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As the web has evolved to be more user-friendly and search engines have continued to get smarter with their algorithms, norms and best practices have also evolved over time. Website designers and content writers constantly balance the need to stand out from the crowd with by-the-book best practices that all websites should follow.

One essential element, the H1 heading tag, is complicated by its prominence on the page, how users and search engines use it, and how it could showcase voice and story to set a website experience apart from the rest.

This article explores the role of the H1 tag on your webpage, how it is similar and different from the page title, and best practices for optimizing H1s for SEO. We also ask the all-important question: should H1s match the page name, or can they be more clever and interesting? Read on to see what we found.

10 tips to proofread web copy like a pro

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Ask any experianced marketter: when you right web copy, you gotta take the time to make sure its toetally readible. You might have great information, but if you share it using error-filled sentences, like the one that started this post, most of your users will stop in their tracks and consider the source less trustworthy.

But, you don’t have to live with wrong prepositions, missing periods, and other flaws in your content, even if your company’s communications team lacks a professional proofreader.

Whether you’re taking a fresh look at the copy on old webpages or blurbs for new paid ads, use this proofreading checklist as a tool for polishing your web copy’s accuracy while also ensuring it’s clear, precise, fits your brand voice, and gets results.

Frequently asked questions for a website design project

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Your website is one of your most powerful and useful marketing tools. As time goes on, design changes and technology advances, nudging you and your company to consider a new website design to stay current.

With many factors, steps, and costs to consider, starting a redesign project or building a brand new site can get a bit overwhelming, even if it isn’t your first time.

That’s why we have pulled together this post. Keep reading to get answers to the most frequently asked questions we hear from clients regarding kicking off a new website redesign.

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