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Contact form must-haves: 4 things the best "Contact Us" pages have in common

a good website contact form is simple and clear

One of the most visited pages on any website is the contact page, and part of what makes a good contact page is a good website contact form.

The best of the best gather information without causing friction. Having developed hundreds of websites over the years, TBH Creative has learned a thing or two about what makes a good website contact form. Obvious factors, like clarity and design, come into play. You also need to think about how this tool can help solve your customers’ problems or lead prospects down the funnel.

Keep reading to learn more about must-haves when developing the professional website contact forms.

Why brand strategy is good for business (plus 7 key branding principles)

illustration of people building a brand strategy

A successfully established brand strategy not only informs your marketing and other communication efforts but also enhances audience appeal, employee engagement, and your organization’s actual value and equity in the marketplace.

In this article, we’ll look at the key components of how a solid brand strategy ties to your organization’s tangible market value.

Dark mode & HTML emails: How to refresh your templates for better UX

dark mode toggle icon

Using black backgrounds is not just a passing design trend. The “switch to dark mode” feature, once only available in a few apps, is now almost everywhere, even email clients. It’s so popular that a significant portion of your audience likely is already taking advantage of this setting.

As with any new feature on the web, dark mode has implications that businesses can’t afford to ignore. For email marketers, darker display could be the difference between a perfectly optimized email and an unreadable mess.

The current state of dark mode email design is not all good news. Thanks to inconsistent implementation, you need to follow usability best practices to improve the email experience for your users who choose to go dark.

To get started, let’s look first at how different email clients are implementing a dark setting to better understand the unique challenges when creating HTML emails.

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