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How to start an effective blog: your first 24 posts

You’ve read the research about how blogging can help improve your SEO and provide more qualified leads. You know that it’s not just content that’s king - it’s RELEVANT content that’s king. You’ve set up your preferred blogging platform and are ready to write. What happens next can make the experience worthwhile and fruitful or frustrating and pointless. Just how do you start a successful, effective blog?

Website Redesign Case Study: Growing Grins Pediatric Dentistry

Redefined brand and improved user-functionality

Growing Grins Pediatric Dentistry came to TBH Creative because they wanted an improved website. The website they had was built in a template that did not represent the brand well and was not user-friendly; it also lacked necessary functionality. Dr. Diana Kozlowski and her team knew there was an opportunity to improve their digital footprint to better reach and serve their customers.

Their wish list included design elements that incorporated the whimsical nature of their branding but more professional. With a focus on user-experience, Dr. Diana also wanted to add interactive functionality for pertinent client information, records, and updates on the website. This upgrade would help customers for convenience and help their office in efficiency. 

Growing Grins needed a website that could be part of their customer service experience.

Best practices for delivering website designs to your developer

When transitioning from the design phase to the development phase in a website project, communication is the key to making the hand-off go smoothly. Both the designer and developer need to be actively engaged from the beginning of the project in order to define expectations and assumptions. When a developer isn’t given the proper files or information to build a website, it can cost the client time and money.
How to deliver designs
So what can a designer do to make the transition more efficient? Here are some helpful tips on how you can make the design process more developer-friendly.

How do #hashtags work?

Hashtags are used on social media to tag keywords or phrases in your own posts that you want to be easily found by others posting with the same tag. On sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, adding the "#" sign at the beginning of a word creates a clickable link that will open a page full of other posts with corresponding tags.
The first hashtag was posted online to Twitter in 2007, and since that time they have allowed social media users to discuss topics with those outside of their own network. This can be particularly beneficial for topics that need awareness, for branding a social campaign, and to drive user interactions.
How do hashtags work?

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