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5 Must Read Web Blogs

There are a ton of web blogs out there and everyone has their favorites.  Below are a few of my favorites  related to web design, web technology and the website world.

Simple CMS is really SIMPLE

Simple CMS is a free PHP CMS that has features such as using Word to update content and, and well, it is known for its simplicity.  It's geared more towards web freelancers and web companies that don't have their own CMS. 

Simple CMS allows you to design your website, but it doesn't come with extra widgets and plugins and yada yada yada (that many of the others we have reviewed offer, such as Expression Engine).

Why does CMS Made Simple work so well for small to medium businesses?

Why does the open source content management system CMS Made Simple (CMSms) work so well for small businesses and organizations? In large part because of the characteristics emphasized by the last two words in the application’s name.

Novice end users truly do find this Content Management System (CMS) to be simple – its intuitive structure makes it easy for even tech-averse people to manage a site’s content. But, unlike other content management systems, CMSms doesn’t provide simplicity at the expense of flexibility and aesthetics. Even veteran web developers and designers appreciate CMS Made Simple because it allows them to create appealing and functional sites for clients without on-staff webmasters.

Why your company needs a Facebook page

Why should your company have a Facebook page?

Facebook is the perfect outlet into the social network which includes sharing, statuses, advertisements and profile pictures. You might already have a personal Facebook profile, but do have one for your company?

Your company needs a Facebook page because that is where your audience is -- they are on Facebook -- your clients, your prospective customers, your business partners, and your vendors. People are getting their news in their Facebook news feed. You want your company information, posts, and updates to appear right there, where they are already getting their news.

Statistics (proof of why you want to participate)

  • More than 500 million active users
  • Average user has 130 friends
  • People spend over 700 BILLION minutes per month on Facebook
  • There are over 900 million objects within Facebook that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages) 
  • More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month. 
  • More than 70 translations available on the site 
  • Nielson research (April 2010) says that users spend ~6 hours a month on social networkings sites like Facebook -- almost one whole working day.

When there are over 500 million users on Facebook, with the average of 130 friends each (and lets remember that that is ONLY the average), it creates around 650,000,000 connections that your business could reach if you were mentioned on their pages.  This means that your 'fans' will be spreading your companies name farther than you could imagine.

Lets not forget to mention that users can now access Facebook on the go with their SmartPhones. (There are more than 200 million active users currently accessing Facebook through their mobile devices.)


Many companies have already taken advantage of Facebook, here are some of my favorites:

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