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I’m relatively new to digital marketing, and if I’ve learned anything so far, it’s that there’s a lot I still need to learn. Digital marketing is ever-changing, and keeping up can be a little overwhelming. (Read more about my first experience with digital marketing.)

To make tracking digital marketing trends more manageable, I set out to compile a list of reliable, easy-to-digest sources that I could refer to again and again to keep informed on the latest trends within digital marketing. Here is a look at my ten favorites.

These resources are grouped into three main categories: digital marketing, blogging and content creation, and social media.

Digital marketing

1. Weirdert is an inbound marketing agency focused on industrial manufacturers and their suppliers, but their blog is aptly named the Whole Brain Marketing Blog because it has a little bit of everything. One of their most recent posts was a 101 course on content pillars, which is something I’ve seen cropping up in client projects recently.

2. Moz is a inbound and marketing analytics software company, and they have a very active blog that is packed with everything under the SEO sun. They share tips, tricks, and the latest algorithm updates.

3. Impact, a marketing consultancy, presents their content in a ton of different ways—from standard blog posts packed with useful tips, to infographics to determine if you’re a good boss, to more lighthearted stuff, like Halloween costumes for marketers. They also have a few podcasts, including one focused on how women can be more confident in their careers, and they summarize those podcast episodes in blog post form, too, if audio isn’t your thing.

4. Kuno Creative is another digital marketing agency with a great blog. They give readers a lot of lists (6 digital marketing trends we’ll see in 2018, anyone?) and step-by-step processes for excelling at digital marketing.

Blogging and content creation

5. ProBlogger is a blog that blogs about blogging. In case the name was no indication, you can find tons of tips on blogging here! A particularly interesting recent post tackled the issue of retaining the content you consume and putting it to use, which is a common problem in the age of content overload.

6. Copyblogger exists to make you a better blogger, with an emphasis on becoming a better writer and reader first. They connect the dots between improving your writing skills, improving your blog, and bringing in my qualified potential customers.

7. Content Marketing Institute is a content marketing education and training organization, so it only makes sense that they have a quality blog. CMI brings fresh ideas to content marketing, including how to use pop-ups to promote your brand.

Social media

8. Social Pro Daily is a social media digest curated by AdWeek. It’s a great source for all kinds of news about social media, including everything from Instagram Polls: who does it best to How to get the most out of a LinkedIn Premium account.

9. Social Media Today dives into social media analytics, what they mean, and how to improve them on all platforms. They also have quite a few posts about Pinterest, which I haven’t seen covered as often by some of the other mentioned resources.

10. Buffer is a social media scheduling and posting software company, and they have a solid social media trend-watching blog that also includes some of their own resources, such as where to find background music for your videos.

In my foray into the digital marketing space, I’ve found the resources above very helpful for both learning and generating ideas. It’s always helpful to see what experts in the field are thinking and talking about, and getting expert advice from digital marketing peers makes task of ‘staying on top of current events’ a little less daunting.

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