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Build a successful web site for your lawfirm - an Indianapolis example for Hostetler & Kowalik

Hostetler and Kowalik PC in Indianapolis hired TBH Creative to redesign their old static web site. They were looking for a fresh, strong, and modern look. The web design solution is bold and simple. The site offers more information including attorney bios and explanation of services.

TBH Creative developed the web site for H&K with a back-end content management system to keep information up-to-date and allow maintenance in-house. The H&K staff is having an easy time adding new information as it becomes available.

Check out the new web site today:

About Hostetler & Kowalik
H&K is an Indianapolis law firm that offers decades of knowledge in business and commercial law. Their attorneys have an Indiana reputation for good values and an expertise in business law.

Visit the new web site designed by TBH Creative

TBH Creative worked closely with the team at H&K to develop a web solution that fit their needs and plans for future online growth. We divided the web project into phases and look forward to helping them more in the future. If you are looking for a web partner, choose TBH Creative for insightful ideas and recommendations.

Who else wants to see what their web site will look like on an iPad?

How will your web site look on the iPad Touch device?

Check out TBH Creative's site on the iPad (below). Notice the realistic light reflections on the glass screen and finger print smudges.

Source: Brad Colbow
He provided a downloadable Photoshop file if you want to see your own site...

Looking for Indianapolis web design assistance? Contact TBH Creative for high quality and reliable web site solutions. Email or visit our web site to view web design samples. You'll see from our portfolio how we have already helped many Indianapolis companies with their web site presence!

Facts, flaws, dimensions and costs of the Touch Screen Computer - iPad

Apple's iPad computer -- It's the newest hype, a technology buzz, the cool must-have gadget for many.

So, what is it and why would you want it? Is it for everyone?
According to Apple, it is the best way to experience the web, photos, and video. Using its touch screen technology, you can surf the Internet, use apps, listen to your favorite music, watch movies, view/store photos, and play interactive games.
Some people refer to it as the upgraded and large iPhone or iTouch - a larger screened version of a product (which was first released in 2007).
There are a few flaws that make it not the best product for everyone:
  • Not all web applications work on the device including a Flash client/player. This means Flash movies on many of your frequently visited web sites will not play... a pretty big disadvantage for a notebook computer.
  • No video conferencing (there is no camera on the back nor a front-facing web cam)
  • Under powered for design work or application development.
How big it is?
  • Height of 9.56 inches (242.8 mm),
  • Width of 7.47 inches (189.7 mm),
  • Depth of 0.5 inch (13.4 mm), and
  • Screen size of 9.7 inches diagonal (1024×768 resolution).
  • Weight -- 1.5 pounds (.68 kg) Wi-Fi model; 1.6 pounds (.73 kg) Wi-Fi + 3G model.
Finally, the cost. Below are the initial prices for this new Apple iPad:
  • 16 GB – $499 (with 3G – $629)
  • 32 GB – $599 (with 3G – $729)
  • 64 GB – $699 (with 3G – $829)

To sum, the iPad is cool (mostly because it is new and different), but it is really very much like my iPhone functionality in a bigger format. A friend of ours owns a landscape company and just bought one -- he plans to use it during sales pitches to show off their impressive landscape design work with photo galleries.

TBH Creative can help with your web site whether users are viewing it from their main computer, mobile phone, or iPad. Contact us today for more information about our Indianapolis web design services.

An easy way to get rid of long web site URLs

You've seen them -- those shortened URLs that link out to very long web addresses. URL shorteners let us share links to web sites we like without having to copy a super long strand of letters, numbers and symbols onto the spot where they're sharing it (e.g. social networking sites such Twitter, Facebook and countless other methods where every character counts). How are these URLs made? There are a few tools out there, but the most popular are and TinyURL. has some advantages over other URL shorteners because they offer cool features:
  • Creates a mirror copy of the underlying web page at the time of compressing the URL. What does that mean? It means that the short URLs will always work because even if the linked target page is offline or removed from the Internet, you can still access that information from’s cache.
  • Analyzes the page being linked to, pulls out the key concepts discussed on that page, and then provides real-time statistics about where the link is being shared and how many people are clicking on it.
Read this article recently in the news on Clicking small links on keeps getting bigger


It is important to stay up-to-date on current technology, social networking, and the online world in order to compete. TBH Creative can help answer your web related questions and provide top-of-the-line web design solutions.

TBH Creative is a full service web design company located in Indianapolis and serving surrounding areas such as Fishers, Carmel, Noblesville, Greenwood, Beech Grove, Avon, and Zionsville, as well as other cities virtually. We specialize in web design, web development, web software, web site usability, organic search engine optimization, and many other complimentary web site services.

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