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Web Design: Cover Crops USA

Services Provided Include:
We launched a new website for Cover Crops USA at  

We have been working with The CISCO Company since 2007 and have created several micro sites to serve their product needs. Cover Crops USA is the most recent mini-site we worked on to present their Cover Crops products. We carried the graphic style and general structure into the new design. We used JQuery rotation to present the multiple products on the home page.

 About Crops Cover USA

The CISCO Companies is a full service distributor in Indianapolis, Indiana distributing a wide range of products including seed, lawn and garden supplies, horticulture and agriculture goods. The CISCO Companies recommend using N-Vest cover crops that work well in the Midwest.

The other CISCO Companies websites created by TBH Creative include:

Seven Tips for Effective Facebook Events (Facebook Tabs Example 5)

We have been posting recently about Facebook custom tabs and how to use them to promote your business as part of your online strategy. Last week we reviewed Facebook videos, and this week we are looking at the function offered by Facebook for Events. There are a few things you can do beyond filling out the basic information for your events to get further exposure and positive response.
  1. Invite people!
  2. Include details to your event—including photos—to draw interest.
  3. Comment back to RSVPs even if they cannot attend. Do this on the event page and also on their personal wall. These actions will further promote the event on your wall and keep up awareness for the event.
  4. Send out reminders.
  5. Leave the default settings.

    Allow guests to:
    • Invite others
    • Upload photos
    • Write on the wall
      • This is positive action to allow on your event page because each time a user writes on the wall, they create news items that will populate their friends' feeds.
  6. Show the guest list.
  7. Make sure your event information includes location details. These details will correspond with a Facebook page and provide map and direction information automatically.
If you are creating a custom event page, the sky is the limit. Here are a couple recommendations:
  1. Include a sharing widget to further promote the event and page details.
  2. Incorporate video—or a live feed—from the event. This is especially effective if the event is recurring and might encourage attendance to subsequent events.
  3. Offer an incentive for attending the event.

Below are a few more examples showing some of the features of you can use to promote your  Facebook event.

The event list is the same for all pages, but you have some control. You can specify a specific thumbnail
image for each event. Hallmark's Event list is a good example of such listing page. They use unique
thumbnail photos for each event. Note: Facebook automatically lists events in chronological order.
Make sure your Event detail page includes relevant event information. Also, make sure to allow
comments from others and an open guest list showing all attendees. Best Buy's recent "Procrastinator" event
was clever and well-executed, leading to a high RSVP rate of 870!
Allow users to post their own photos—as well as links and comments—to your Event wall to keep the page active
and vibrant. In the example page above, the JCPenney event for Blake Shelton shows how effective this can be.
The Facebook event page served as a feed of activity and record of the event.

Web Design and Build: Digestive Medicine Associates

Services Provided Include:
We launched a new website for Digestive Medicine Associates at

We built the first website for Digestive Medicine Associates in 2002. A decade later they were ready for a redesign, and we helped them update their look and add more value for their visitors. The new website we designed clearly communicates their expertise and service offerings. The goal of the new website was to make two things apparent to the audience; 1) who these doctors were by showing a photograph and listing their area of expertise and 2) where they were located by using an interactive map and drop down menu of locations.

The home page was designed to showcase the experts and lead visitors to what they need. The photo of the doctors shows they are real people and elicits a warm and inviting feeling. The link to necessary forms and instructions for the day of the procedure were placed prominently with the introduction sentence because they are the most common items needed from new patients.

The physician bio pages feature a formal photograph and lists their areas of expertise. 

The locations page has an easy to read map with each office pin-pointed to clearly show where they offer services.

The billing page format was used on many pages of the website with clear information and a highlight box with contact information on the right.

About Digestive Medicine Associates

The parent organization of Digestive Medicine Associates is Internal Medicine Associates,  The physicians, nurses and staff at Digestive Medicine Associates specialize in the diagnosing and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases in a compassionate atmosphere. All the physicians are
board certified physicians and many are on the faculty of Indiana University School of Medicine allowing them to be well versed in the latest treatment options available.

Facebook Tabs Example 4: Videos

If you have been following our recent posts, you know we have been talking about custom tabs and how they can be used to strengthen your Facebook business page. Last week we covered using custom tabs to create photos albums, and this week we are reviewing videos.

It does not take a marketing expert to tell you that videos are exploding all over the Internet. You see them on many websites and in social media. Almost everyone thinks of "YouTube" for videos on the web. If you have seen the potential with video and invested in creating videos for your company, do not forget to promote and include on your Facebook page.

If you do not have videos, this custom Facebook tab is not for you—yet. As you consider your online marketing plans for 2013, we encourage you to explore adding video as part of your web presence.
People remember only 20% of what they hear and only 30% of what they see, but an incredible 70% of what they hear and see! (Harvard Business Review)
For each video that you post to Facebook, we suggest including the following:
  • A proper title that helps describe what is the purpose of the video
  • A short description that provides more information about the video
  • An appropriate video still (You can set this still from a handful of thumbnail options once Facebook has processed your video. Often the default thumbnail selection for the video still is  not the ideal.)
  • Author and/or copyright information, as appropriate
Note: "Videos" will, by default, appear as part of your Facebook business page's "Photos" custom tab when you add them to your account. You can be further organize your uploaded videos into separate custom tab to direct your audience to the videos in one-click.

The following examples show a few noteworthy ways businesses are using custom tabs to organized videos. Each of these examples uses YouTube as the video hosting vendor and embed or import the videos into their Facebook profiles.

Gymboree's Video custom tab
Coca-Cola's Video custom tab
If appropriate, highlight one video as your stand-out video offering. In the next example, Indianapolis's Children's Museum uses a simple layout to embed YouTube videos into their Facebook business page, but their web developers have taken care to highlight their newest video so that it appears at the top of the list videos. Notice how they have included an appropriate title and short description as well.

Children's Museum Video custom tab
The sky is the limit with your Facebook custom tabs, so you can be as creative in your presentation of videos as you would like. One possibility is to mimic what you might have set up on your website reworked a bit for the interface space in your Facebook pages. Here are a couple very different custom examples of unique video pages.

Skittles' Facebook custom tab

Skittles' videos are organized as part of a custom tab labeled "Skittles," putting this collection of videos front and center on their Facebook business page. Though not shown in the screengrab above, if you visit the Skittles Facebook business page, you'll see an interactive map with points that you can click for additional videos. This presentation helps Skittles stand out, strengthen their brand, and engage with their audience.

IU Health's Facebook custom tab
IU Health incorporates a very custom treatment for their videos on Facebook. The formatting echoes the website landing page. Notice that the thumbnails chosen for each video still is off-center and appealing. The chosen thumbnails give a compelling snapshot of individual telling the story in the video. The page offers a very clear call to action with the red subscribe button, encouraging users to subscribe and watch more videos from IU Health.

Next week we will provide examples of News & Events Facebook custom tabs.

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