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10 digital marketing statistics you shouldn’t ignore

We talk a lot about the importance of having an optimized digital marketing strategy, and today we are going to prove it. We've gathered a collection of facts and statistics from the past year to help illustrate just how crucial digital marketing is for today's businesses. Enjoy.

How inbound marketing can improve your customer interactions

Marketing by its nature is often thought of as an outbound activity. You send out direct mail. You place an advertisement. You run a commercial. You wait for those external activities to generate a relatively small percentage of leads. (I'll never forget my first job in marketing when my director told me a successful direct mail campaign was one with 2-5% return.)

The Internet, however, has gradually shifted the focus of marketing from these traditional outbound activities to more inbound activities. The idea is much more customer-focused. In many cases it's also more affordable. In all cases, it's an important part of any savvy marketing strategy.

Types of website traffic and how to increase them​: Referral traffic

Types of website traffic and how to increase them​: Referral traffic
In this final installment in the Types of Website Traffic series, we'll be looking at a third type of website traffic: referral traffic. Referral traffic comes in many forms and can help drive a wider variety of visitors to your website. This article will explain the importance of referral traffic and provide tips on how to use it to your website's advantage.

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