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3 trends to keep you ahead of the web design curve

TBH Creative website sketches
A few months ago, I reviewed a certain Indy marketing agency’s homepage and was underwhelmed.

Yes, it’s true. It was TBH Creative’s new website, pre-launch—and, my love was missing.

It looked familiar, a little too familiar: a hero image at the top with statement and button, three icons underneath, yada yada yada.

Image is everything: Put YOUR stock to work for YOU

We all know the hustle. Business owners, especially, are generally quick to make decisions because there are a thousand more decisions to be made in just one day. So, when it comes to selecting images that represent your company and the culture, you hit up one of those stock sites, enter ‘relevant’ search terms, fill the cart with things that kinda fill the need and check that task off the long list.

But, let’s face it. That photo with people you’ve never met in your life totally misses the mark. It’s professional, but it’s fake. The fancy conference room with perfect charts and graphics strategically laid out is cool but not an accurate representation of your data or the conference room where you actually meet with your client. That world, as represented by those people, is not your world. So, why are you putting your money there?

Common client struggles in website projects (and how to overcome them)

Project meeting
In a perfect world, all of our website design projects would go off without a hitch and run smoothly from planning to launch. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Creating a website is a major endeavor, with various phases, teams, and components that all need to come together to achieve success. This leaves a lot of room for error if the project isn’t approached the right way.

A successful project requires knowledge and preparation not only the part of the professionals, but also on the part of the client. After countless projects, we’ve identified some of the common struggles that new clients face when working through the website design process. Read on to learn more about the obstacles you might encounter along the way and how to overcome them.

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