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Why it's okay to launch a website that's not perfect (and how to do it the right way)

Website launch
There’s a lot that goes into keeping a website project on schedule. It requires strategic planning and setting deadlines to stay on track towards launch. It’s common toward the end of a project for there to be lingering items that might have strayed from the schedule or unexpected issues that are taking more time than intended.

If you get to that stage of a project, it’s tempting to push back the launch of your website. This is understandable. Everyone wants their website to be as perfect as possible before sending it out into the world! But that’s not always realistic, and often launching an imperfect website is actually more beneficial than waiting until all the loose ends are tied up.

In this article, we’ll look at the top reasons you should launch your website even if it’s not perfect, how to determine when it’s good enough to launch, and tips on where to go from there.

Focused marketing campaigns: buyer personas

man on phone with shopping bags
This is part one of a two-part blog series about how to engage buyers in the middle of their journey.

Once upon a time I was an architecture student. My first year at university I was accepted into the architecture program. It was everything I hoped it would be. Then came the second year. You see, I also happen to be color-blind. During the second year, there was a class that required me to paint watercolor elevations of homes. I couldn’t do it. It didn’t matter if I knew the names of the colors, I didn’t understand the levels and hues of the colors I was applying.

Enter Dr. Jimenez. To this day, I am thankful for the advice he gave me. In his office, among the little models, blueprints, and trinkets, he taught me an important lesson. “I always wanted to be a doctor,” he said. “But, I am an architect.” Then he looked at me and smiled. I understood. He told me what I already knew.

It may seem harsh, but sometimes the truth is the truth. I wasn’t going to be able to solve the riddle of watercolors. I had been trying so hard to be something I was never going to be.

Case Study: Updating website design and function for better lead generation

One View website design project
When One View’s marketing team approached us, they were in need of a complete website overhaul. They knew their website was outdated. It was difficult for their website visitors to navigate to learn more about One View’s services, and they were receiving no leads or requests for demos from the website.

Using strategy and industry research, we designed a modern and responsive website that was a significant improvement from previous to communicate their superiority in the industry. We expanded on their brand definition (with their permission) by introducing a blue overlay to photos and bright green accent, creating custom icons for services and actions, and building around the flat (more modern) version of the logo. We integrated several third-party software tools to streamline processes, and we modularized the CMS templates for easy editing by their team.

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