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8 ways to add credibility to your website

managing your website credibility
“Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Though this idiom makes sense when it comes to prejudging books on their appearance, the advice doesn’t quite work with websites.

When you visit a website that looks unprofessional and a little off, you probably have good reason to be suspicious. Phishing scams and malicious websites are all over the web, and the folks behind them are targeting anyone who has their guard down.

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and that’s why your website’s credibility is so important. With a well-designed, trustworthy website, you can make customers feel welcome, build trust, and—if all goes well—close sales.

Case study: patient-centered orthopedic care provider gets website overhaul

As a first step to improving usability, TBH Creative refreshed and modernized all the elements of OrthoIndy’s brand identity, expanding guidelines to create consistency in voice and tone across communications channels, both online and in print. Some of the enhancements to improve messaging clarity and uniformity included the addition of an expanded color palette, the creation of dynamic custom icons, and the selection of secondary, supportive typefaces.

Based on the results of audience interviews and personas research, TBH Creative also revamped the OrthoIndy website around patient needs. We made the search feature more prominent, completely changed the way location information is presented, and reorganized medical services-related content around pain.

The middle funnel conundrum

mother and daughter shopping
This is part two of a two-part blog series about how to engage buyers in the middle of their journey.

A buyer—or potential customer—has different needs at different stages of their journey. Customers that move from upper to lower part of the funnel quickly are easy to target, but what about those customers that meander around the middle?

Custom content can help move a buyer out of the middle funnel, but this can’t happen unless you understand who your buyers are. Learn more about buyer personas and targeted marketing by reading the first post in this series.

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