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Your homepage isn't as important as you think: How to identify & optimize your top landing pages

Website pages
Take a moment to consider: What’s the most important page on your website?

Was your answer the homepage? That’s a common belief for many website owners, and traditionally web design workflows supported the concept of a homepage as the primary focal point. It’s where a website design typically starts, and it often takes up more time and effort than other pages throughout a project. This is for good reason—it’s still a crucial page on any website and deserves significant attention.

However, changes in marketing over the years (including the rise of inbound strategies) have challenged the idea that the homepage is always the most important page on a website. People are going to access your content on their own terms. This is the basic concept of inbound marketing. Depending on your company’s marketing strategies and goals, it’s likely that users are coming to your website through interior pages just as often, if not more frequently, than through your homepage. In fact, some users may never see your homepage!

Practical tools to test your website’s performance (and spy on your competitors)

Business men discussing reports and performance
As companies compete for target audiences in the ever-expanding digital space, poor performance simply won’t cut it anymore. Consumers look to the web to research products and solutions, answer questions, and they determine a company’s trustworthiness. It is more important than ever to optimize and continually review your company website for broken links, mobile-friendliness, and more.

Some business owners and marketing teams may be asking, "How can we tell if our digital marketing efforts are paying off?"

Follow these four steps to assess the state of your online presence.

4 things you learn at an inbound conference when you’re new to digital marketing

HubSpot Inbound Conference
Three days after I joined the TBH Creative team, I attended the 2017 HubSpot Inbound Conference in Boston. Before that point I had never visited Boston, attended a professional conference, or worked in digital marketing. Needless to say, I learned a ton of brand new information, met a lot of people, and figured out the basics of inbound and digital marketing.

Here are the four biggest lessons that I learned during that week of training.

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