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3 essential tips to manage your website content for project success

illustration of laptop with content writing and other pieces

Website content plays many roles. To boost your SEO, you can use it to target keywords or add strategic links. To strengthen your brand identity, you can use it to tell your story and educate your users.

Preparing web content that is well-written and meets all the necessary technical specs to perform well is a big task. Creating effective content for your site that looks and performs well requires SEO, writing to a template, pulling out content your users need, and more.

Read on for tips and recommendations on how to tackle rganizing and updating new website content for your project.

How to optimize Google Shopping Ads

young woman browsing the web on her phone

Promoting your products on Google Ads platform is smart for many businesses selling online. Not only is Google one of the biggest ad networks on the web, paid promotions allow you to specify audience criteria, such as location, interests, and other related search queries that will display your ads.

When creating campaigns with Google to promote your online storefront, you can narrow your targeting for specific products or product lines to capitalize return on investment. However, Shopping Ads aren’t for everyone. Consider budgeting options and management capabilities to determine if paid product listings are a good fit for helping you reach your marketing goals.

Five strategies for improving email deliverability

email inbox
Crafting relevant and interesting emails that will motivate your leads to become customers is hard enough. However, content isn’t the only potential barrier to your customers. You also have to combat spam filters that can prohibit your emails from even reaching your intended audience.

Mail servers use different levels of spam and virus blockers to stop unwanted or harmful messages. These filters assess your reputation, review authentication data, scan for keywords associated with spam, and look for other red flags like sending emails in bulk.

With so many verification processes, you need to optimize every aspect of your email marketing campaign to maximize your chances of reaching and converting your leads.

Keep reading to learn a few strategies to improve email deliverability.

TBH Creative wins 2 national healthcare marketing awards

TBH Creative won two 2020 Aster Awards for excellence in healthcare web design and healthcare marketing

The Aster Awards is one of the largest and most respected national healthcare marketing competitions. We are pleased to announce that TBH Creative was awarded two Aster Awards—one gold and one silver—for our excellence in healthcare web design and healthcare marketing.

Each year, the Aster Awards receives thousands of entries nationwide. The distinguished panel of judges review entries and score them based on multiple criteria to determine which deserve recognition for excellence in strategy, creativity, production quality, and effectiveness. TBH Creative is honored to be included again as a winning agency specialized in healthcare marketing.

Questions to guide your crisis marketing strategy

This post is part of TBH Creative’s series on digital marketing, crisis communications, and COVID-19.

crisis marketing strategy
Even if you have never watched Monty Python’s classic comedy Life of Brian (1979), you’ve likely heard Eric Idle’s “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life.”

During emergencies like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, though, it can be hard to keep such an optimistic viewpoint. One of the best tools a marketing and communications team can have for weathering a storm with a smile during times of disruption is an up-to-date crisis communications strategy.

Keep reading to learn questions you can ask to be proactive and create a crisis communications plan—plus, find out when a crisis might mean it’s time to pause your marketing and when it could be an opportunity to do more.

How to adapt email messaging for crisis communications

This post is part of TBH Creative’s series on digital marketing, crisis communications, and COVID-19.

Marketing team planning meeting
Email messaging is a critical piece of any crisis communications strategy. Your contact list has willingly signed up to hear your latest news, giving you a direct line into their inboxes.

According to recent benchmarks, in many industries about 25% of emails sent from businesses to their subscribers will be opened. Compared to engagement from other types of marketing (e.g., .08% engagement on Facebook for retail posts and 1.91% CTR on Google PPC ads), email’s reach is significant, making it all the more important to get it right, especially during a crisis.

Read on for do’s and don’ts for effective email messaging as part of your overall crisis communication plan.

How to handle crisis communications on your website

This post is part of TBH Creative's series on digital marketing, crisis communications, and COVID-19.

During times of panic and uncertainty, being on top of your crisis communications is an urgent priority.

It might not be impossible to “stop the presses” on traditional campaigns (e.g., mailers and magazine print ads), but—thanks to the flexible nature of the web—you can often pivot your digital marketing with the few clicks of a button.

With social distancing and stay-at-home orders still in place throughout much of the United States because of COVID-19, more people are heading online to conduct day-to-day business, schedule virtual appointments, and make purchases every day. Have you sufficiently updated your website to best serve your customers (and reach new leads) during this state of confusion?

Read on for tips on modifying your website in response to big problems, such as security breaches, product recalls, and global pandemics, like the novel coronavirus.

3 ways to improve your telehealth website marketing

This post is part of TBH Creative’s series on digital marketing, crisis communications, and COVID-19.

telehealth website services help doctors connect with patients at home
Telehealth services are revolutionizing the way doctors and other healthcare providers are helping patients improve their health and wellbeing.

Whether you’re introducing a new telemedicine line because of the COVID-19 crisis or ramping up promotion for your existing telehealth services to better serve your patients during the pandemic, launching clear and helpful website content is critical to successfully marketing your offering to your patients.

Keep reading to find out how to use your website to effectively promote your telehealth services and improve patient satisfaction.

The best ways to handle negative online reviews

negative online reviews graphic
It’s always stressful when you get critical feedback online since bad reviews influence customer decision-making and it. Those negative reviews are powerful because social proof may influence how people might think about your company and its reputation for trustworthiness.

In fact, did you know that 95% of customers read reviews before making a decision and that 82% of them will specifically seek out negative reviews? Follow the lead of smart marketers and leverage the powerful voice of your critical customers by acknowledging their concerns strategically.

Read on to discover tips for protecting your business—and strengthening your customer relationships—when responding to negative reviews.

How to create email subject lines that boost your open rate

checking email on phone
Email marketing is a great way to reach your ideal customers—existing or potential. But, just because you send emails, that doesn’t mean your target audience is engaging with your messages in a meaningful way.

In fact, the average 2019 email open rate was only 22.1%, according to researchers at Epsilon.

Deciding whether to open an email is often a split-second decision. This means half of your target audience isn’t even reading the content of your email, demonstrating just how important it is to write compelling subject lines as part of your email marketing strategy.

Keep reading to learn how to optimize your subject lines to increase your open rate.

Google PPC ads: Getting started with pay-per-click advertising

Marketing professional working on tablet
If you’re considering paid ads for your business online, you are most likely planning to start with the Google Ads platform. How do we know? Practically everyone is using Google, including your target audiences (and competition).

Read on to get answers to some basic questions about getting started with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising with Google.

Improve your digital marketing with a content style guide

Man uses a content style guide to write website copy, photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Ten seconds.

That’s how long it takes potential customers to form a first impression of your company. Making good first impressions is essential. When your customers have a bad experience using your website or receive an unprofessional email from your company, it can make them think twice about doing business with your company.

Establishing a consistent identity and voice matter more than anything else in those initial seconds. Make sure all of your company’s marketing fits the impression you want to make by creating (and using) a content style guide.

Keep reading to learn more about how to create a killer content style guide for your company.

Trigger email alerts as part of your sales enablement automation strategy

Salesperson checking email alerts
Marketing email software usage has been growing by 30% each year, according to Sharpspring. What does this mean to you? Most likely, it means that you already have email marketing automation tools in place or you are considering using them in the near future.

Marketing email automation is often used as a tool for deploying client communications, such as triggered welcome emails, nurturing email workflows, birthday email messages, and so on. However, email automation tools can also be used to streamline your internal sales process, too. Sales enablement automation can set your team up for success by bridging the gap between sales and marketing.

Setting up automated alerts, reminders, and reports for your sales team takes some of the day-to-day management of client nurturing out of their manual workload by automatically alerting them when it is a prime time to follow up with a lead or even when to recognize a client with an important anniversary approaching.

Keep reading to learn about the three types of automated emails you can use to improve the sales process.

Building a strong company culture and how it impacts your marketing

Coworkers celebrating on the job
“Culture” has been a buzz term for some time—and, for good reason. A quick Google search reveals all the connections between a company’s culture and its productivity, profitability, job-retention rates, and more.

Whether you’re setting out to define your company culture or revisiting your existing culture, you can follow these eight steps to ensure your values, culture, and communication are in-line and helping you recruit and keep talented employees. But, keep in mind that your work shouldn’t stop there!

After defining your culture, harness the power of your company values to create consistent, authentic experiences in all aspects of your marketing—especially online.

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5 important pages to include on your website

website pages
The content you choose to include on your website depends largely on who you are trying to reach and what your business goals are. However, there is some content users expect to be able to find and should be included on every website.

Including the right basic pages on your website helps increase leads and conversions. It’s a simple and efficient way to improve the success of your website.

In this article, we’ll explore the top five most important pages you should consider including on your website.

4 strategies for marketing to Generation Z

generation z on phones
Marketers have been buzzing about reaching millennials for quite some time, but what about Generation Z?

While many people continue to consider anyone who falls between the ages of 18–34 as millennials, the demographic group’s actual age range is 25–39. Those adults younger than 25-years-old are actually part of Gen Z, and you may need to change your marketing strategy to reach consumers born after 1995.

If you’re trying to reach people in Gen Z, here are some ways to revamp messaging in your marketing strategy from someone who is part of Gen Z.

How to use customer feedback for persona research

use customer feedback to convert your target audience
The duo Simon & Garfunkel’s song “The Sound of Silence” became a number one hit 1966, and—because it means as much to people today as it did back then—the Library of Congress added it to the National Recording Registry for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically important” in 2012.

As the song alludes in its timeless lyrics, you can’t listen if you’re always talking.

Though the world today may still be full of chaos and noise, you can find important stories in the silence—if you know where to look for them. Your target customers’ stories are embedded in the fabric of all of your interactions with them.

Keep reading to get tips for using customer feedback—that already exists—to learn more about what your potential new customers really need (and how you can use that information to reach them where they are).

8 types of video marketing

video marketing
The landscape of content marketing is changing with each minute.

As social media's popularity increases, the number of companies trying to reach customers through these channels increases too.

If marketers want to help companies stand out from the competition, they need to focus on engaging with target audiences in interactive and authentic ways. There's no more effective way to do that than video marketing, the type of outreach with the most significant growth and the most flexibility.

Here are eight types of video marketing techniques to bump up your digital marketing game.

Pro tips for optimizing your email signature

email signature marketing
How many emails have you received today? How many have you sent?

Chances are, that number is at least in the double digits since email is now the primary type of communication for most businesses. In fact, the experts at the Radicati Group estimates that the average number of business emails sent and received every day is over 100 per person, according to the Radicati Group.

If you send even a fraction of that many emails per day, you may be overlooking a major marketing opportunity: your email signature.

Email signature marketing focuses on taking your email signature beyond just basic contact information and transforming it into a beneficial marketing tool. By optimizing your email signature, every message you send has the opportunity to promote your brand, generate leads, or drive website traffic.

In this article, we’ll walk you through how to create an email signature that is professional, attractive, and beneficial to your marketing strategy.

Meet Kennedy, web and digital marketing assistant

headshot of TBH Creative's Kennedy Smith, web and marketing assistant
I’m Kennedy, TBH Creative’s new web and marketing assistant.

I’m looking forward to gaining new skills, working at the corner of business and design, and using my background in graphic design and marketing—and passion for strategy.

At TBH Creative you’ll find me handling maintenance support requests, managing social media, assisting with website production, jamming out to some light-hearted tunes, and much more.

I am looking forward to diving into all the inner workings of TBH, assisting clients in their unique projects, and learning more about creating and implementing marketing strategies.

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