Join our team! We are hiring a Digital Marketing Assistant

When you peek behind the curtain at TBH Creative, you’ll find a team of learners and doers… a group of talented, passionate marketers… perhaps most importantly, you’ll find people with a genuine passion for creating success for the customers and brands we represent.

Since 2004, we have designed and developed over 500 websites and worked on countless digital marketing projects. Along the way, we have built strong relationships with each client and worked hard to make the web more of a strategic and welcoming place for information seekers.

We are hiring a digital marketing assistant

Currently seeking: Digital Marketing Assistant

TBH Creative is a small, fast-paced business and we all wear multiple hats. While the job title for this opening is officially Digital Marketing Assistant it could also be Customer Service Representative… Website Maintenance Guru… Project Coordinator… you get the idea! We need someone who can step in and handle a variety of marketing and administrative needs. Someone who is excited about the opportunity to learn and grow and make an impact.

Read on to learn more about this opportunity with TBH Creative. We can’t wait to add a new team member full of energy and determination inside these yellow walls.

Why we’re growing our team

We are a team of self-starting, excellence-demanding, coffee-loving individuals that take pride in our work and in each other. We are proud of our accomplishments as a team and, by adding a new team member, we hope to keep that forward momentum strong.

This moment of growth is exciting and nerve-wracking all at once as we search for just the right fit to complement our strengths while also looking for someone who brings his or her own passions, experiences, and interests to the role. If you’re considering joining our team, we have a few things to keep in mind:

1. We take pride in our work and in each other. 

We are not a “who’s fault is it?” group of people. Through collaboration and teachable moments, you’ll be joining a tight-knit crew who has each other’s backs but also holds each other to the high standards for which we are known.

2. We are reliable.

When someone promises you something, you should be able to trust that they’ll be true to their word, right? We think so too. This concept is rooted in the core of our business and touches each and every thing that we do.

3. Excellence is our standard.

Our projects are built on well-defined strategy and each of us works hard to ensure that all components from design through coding adhere to that strategy. That requires a strong attention to detail and we expect that from every member of our team.

Do you relish the satisfaction of catching a last-minute edit before a campaign goes live? When you’re doing a final QA before sending a project to clients, do you feel pride welling up within you at this incredible accomplishment? If you thrive in those moments – when passion, commitment, and creativity intersect – you may just be our missing puzzle piece.

Who we’re looking for

The ideal candidate will be a self-starter and good communicator. We are looking for someone who has the ability to wear multiple hats, strives for excellence, and is looking for a daily opportunity to learn and grow.

We are seeking a determined and motivated individual with the following unique characteristics:
  • Desires to learn and develop new skills
  • Interested in working as part of a small team
  • Motivated to take risks; requests constructive criticism
  • Thrives in a changing, entrepreneurial environment
  • Doesn’t mind multi-tasking and understands that doing administrative tasks well is just as important as succeeding with marketing assignments
  • Gets bored quickly when things are too easy and loves new challenges
  • Pays attention to details and recognizes the importance of building project management systems
  • Knows about TBH Creative’s background and services offered; wants to be part of the fast-paced, ever-changing digital marketing field
  • Prefers to over-achieve rather than play it safe and under-deliver
  • Shares ideas and is self-motivated
  • Other people would call them an “A-player” or over-achiever
  • They are self-motivated and excited to share ideas
Does this sound like you?
Visit our online application to apply

What it’s like at TBH Creative in our own words

My internship with TBH far exceeded my expectations. I immediately felt like I was a part of a team, not an internship program. The exciting, fast-paced environment kept me on my toes at all times. I can’t believe how much I learned about the world of digital marketing in just two months.

— Mac Ely, Digital Marketing Intern
I started TBH Creative in 2004 and have not looked back ever since. I love digital marketing from the coding of websites to the design details to the strategy behind it all and mostly for the results we can offer to the businesses we represent. I enjoy coming to work because of the great projects we work on, the challenges we get to solve, and the people that surround me.

— Tatum Hindman, President & Founder | TBH Creative
I have never experienced a work environment quite like the one at TBH Creative. Learning is encouraged. Leadership finds value in (and plays to) your strengths and supports you as you grow in your wheelhouse. Everyone has high expectations of themselves and each other, and the support system is incredible.

— Sarah Matlock, Digital Marketing Manager
If you are an over-achiever looking to grow-by-doing in an exciting and challenging position, we encourage you to apply for the Digital Marketing Assistant position.

We are now accepting applications online, and can’t wait to get to know you!
Tatum Hindman

About the author | Tatum Hindman

Tatum is the president of TBH Creative and is responsible for building long-term client relationships. She enjoys the strategy behind web design and collaborating with clients to define and execute online marketing goals. She likes to blog about hot topics in web design and digital marketing, as well as share tips for strengthening your online presence.

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