Throughout this month, we’re focusing on how businesses and organizations can use custom tabs to strengthen their Facebook pages. Last week we focused on Welcome Message or “Like” page tabs.

Careers and employment pages are common on company and organization websites, and those job openings should also be considered for marketing through your Facebook page. With the current unemployment rate at 7.9%, there are a lot of people on the hunt for job leads. On average, we spend over 26 minutes every day on Facebook. That’s a lot of time! Take advantage of Facebook’s built-in audience and promote opportunities at your company or organization where they already “hang out.”

A Facebook employment opportunities page tab should:
  • List open positions, as well as a link to apply or learn more
Additional features to consider including:
  • Overview information
  • Benefits package details
  • Company culture description (using words, photos, and/or videos)
  • Social share links for promoting job postings

    Here are some examples of different methods to present your company Employment Opportunities on Facebook with custom tabs:

    Starbuck’s Careers Facebook page tab is extremely well-done. It contains relevant information about openings
    as well as a careers overview, search functionality, video about the company culture,
    benefits package list, and even imported feed of @StarbucksJobs tweets.
    Constant Contact’s careers page tab makes it easy to find open positions. They even integrated
    a search at the top to filter the openings. Each job includes easy sharing widgets.
    The tab also includes a short video about employment with Constant Contact.

    Gap has a very custom careers page tab that they call “Work for Us.” It has a friendly tone in line
    with its casual-professional brand. It integrates photography with thoughtful functionality
    including the dropdown filter/search choices, embedded sharing options, and even jobs matching
    your profile (via Work for Us—Facebook’s #1 Recruiting App).

    McDonald’s has a clean and well functioning careers page tab. Corporate jobs filter
    and display right on the Facebook page. Restaurant jobs use proximity and link to local
    restaurant opportunities. By the way, if you haven’t seen it, the McDonald’s website is very well done.
    Social media is marketing tactic that is becoming more and more relevant to your customers. Employment pages on your website have always been important to recruit new talent, but including them on social media profiles is an extra push and may possibly be where they find you.

    You don’t have to choose an overly-complicated option to start promoting job openings through a tab on your Facebook business page. SmartRecruiters offers a helpful careers app for small to medium sized businesses. This app will:
    • Display available jobs.
    • Allow Facebook users to like and share available jobs.
    • Sync their job listings with SmartRecruiters’ recruiting software—which is cloud-based and requires no downloading or upkeep. This way, businesses can manage the hiring process from start to finish.
    Interestingly, in conjunction with your Facebook careers page, do not forget about your LinkedIn Company page. Some experts claim that your LinkedIn company page may even be more important than your website careers page.

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    Ameriprise Financial is an example that does not have complex functionality—and, it doesn’t need it!
    Its simple and clean page layout clearly presents what it’s like to work at Ameriprise
    and links to related information. My only recommendation for improvement would be to integrate
    a search function and include a link to open positions. It’s a nice starting point for job seekers.