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Lilly is the web and marketing assistant at TBH Creative. She manages social media, assists with website production, and handles client support requests. She likes to blog about digital marketing, graphic design, and brand development.

Data visualizations: Unlock the 5 best secrets to stronger storytelling

designer creating a pie chart to go with other data visualizations for a website

You’ll often hear content marketing experts espouse the importance of storytelling for reaching new customers, especially during this era of “big data.” Many focus on the power of words, but choices you make about photography, illustrations, CTAs, typography, color, layouts, and even data visualizations will shape the messages you send through content. Data-driven storytelling is […]

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Organic social media: Why it matters what you post and when

organic social media illustration

Before there was Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media networks where users generate millions of organic social media posts, there was a man with a code: Morse code. That’s right, you can thank Samuel Morse for the start of what would one day lead to one of the main channels used by businesses […]

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