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Why inbound marketing could be the best thing for your marketing plans

It's time to make the switch to inbound

The basis of Inbound Marketing is to get customers to come to you rather than the other way around. A number of successful companies use inbound marketing to attract and close customers. Even if you're not familiar with Inbound Marketing strategies, you probably experienced an inbound strategy within the last 5 minutes that brought you to this very blog post. How, you ask? The answer lies in the actions that led you here.

Leverage your website: Tips for more compelling job descriptions

Sorting through resumes
A well-designed website with appropriate functionality is a great tool for sales and marketing. It can also be a great tool for recruitment. Create a robust careers section and interesting, compelling job descriptions to leverage your website in new ways.

Recruiting is a much different world than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Yet too many companies are still writing dry job descriptions that detail a job’s responsibilities and requirements without giving the candidate any compelling reason to take action. Times have changed; it’s time your job descriptions do too.

3 things you probably haven't considered for marketing to Generation Z

Marketing strategies for Generation Z
Who is Generation Z and why should companies today care? After all, this younger generation won't reach full financial independence for another decade. Their Millennial counter parts, on the other hand, now have a little cash left over for discretionary spending after the student loan payments are made. As time marches on, however, Generation Z won't be youngsters forever.

Digging a little deeper into Generation Z, we find that this new and elusive cohort has the opportunity to be a valuable addition to your target audiences. As brands and companies begin to develop strategies to market to Generation Z, we are taking a look at three things you may not have considered for your Generation Z marketing approach.

How to use dynamic content to personalize your MailChimp email campaigns

Use dynamic content to personalize email campaigns
When putting together your inbound marketing strategy, you’ll need to decide which tools best align with your goals while still fitting into your budget. If you aren’t ready to take the leap and invest in full-featured marketing software such as HubSpot, you may be looking at free alternatives that can offer similar features. For email marketing specifically, MailChimp is one such tool to consider, as it offers a wide variety of services free of charge.

While there are limitations to what you can accomplish with MailChimp, it does provide options for advanced marketing opportunities, such as adding dynamic content to your emails. In this post, we’ll look at why dynamic content is useful in email marketing and how to set it up for your MailChimp campaigns.

Five signs your company website is outdated

When is it time to update your website?
How do you know when it’s time to update your website?
It’s not always an easy question to answer. You might love the design that was developed a few years ago or have a personal stake in the layout that makes it hard to be objective. As long as your website still generates some leads it’s good enough, right? You personally may not see any issues with your website… but what about your prospects and customers? The Internet moves quickly and you don’t want to be left behind because of personal bias or worse—because you haven’t been paying attention to how your site is performing.

Your website is your virtual storefront. It’s important that you keep it up to date and not just visually but technologically as well. Let’s review five objective signs that it’s time to update your company’s website.

Join our team! We are hiring a Digital Marketing Assistant

When you peek behind the curtain at TBH Creative, you'll find a team of learners and doers... a group of talented, passionate marketers... perhaps most importantly, you'll find people with a genuine passion for creating success for the customers and brands we represent.

Since 2004, we have designed and developed over 500 websites and worked on countless digital marketing projects. Along the way, we have built strong relationships with each client and worked hard to make the web more of a strategic and welcoming place for information seekers.

We are hiring a digital marketing assistant

Currently seeking: Digital Marketing Assistant

TBH Creative is a small, fast-paced business and we all wear multiple hats. While the job title for this opening is officially Digital Marketing Assistant it could also be Customer Service Representative... Website Maintenance Guru... Project Coordinator... you get the idea! We need someone who can step in and handle a variety of marketing and administrative needs. Someone who is excited about the opportunity to learn and grow and make an impact.

Read on to learn more about this opportunity with TBH Creative. We can't wait to add a new team member full of energy and determination inside these yellow walls.

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