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Video in digital marketing, part 1: Your audience and your style

Video in digital marketing, part 1: Your audience and your style
As digital marketers, we see and support all kinds of campaigns and creative projects, and video always stands out for its unique ability to engage with a viewer and tell a story. Before deciding to embrace video, though, you need to define your target audience, review best practices for using the format, and determine the best deployment strategy for getting the most out of your investment.

Big Data: What it is and 3 quick ways to incorporate it into your marketing strategy

Man explaining report in meeting
Imagine if there was a way to speed up cancer research? Now there is thanks to researchers leveraging big data. The Cancer Moonshot Initiative's data commons allows physicians and scientists from all over to collaborate more easily and openly share genomic data associated with clinical trials. This innovative use of big data will not only help boost cancer research but improve its outcomes for patients, too.

On a smaller scale, big data can also advance marketing initiatives. But, when it comes to marketing, what exactly is big data? In this post, we will scratch the surface of big data and then share a few practical ways marketers can utilize the data for success.

Website navigation design trends to watch in 2017

Navigation is one of the most important elements on any website. Its design and structure impact the user experience and directly influence a website’s success. Navigation determines how a user browses and finds information, so a poorly designed navigation can cause users to leave a site before getting what they need.

So what makes for an effective navigation design? There isn’t one right answer to this question, and it ultimately depends on your website’s needs and goals. However, there are a variety of styles out there to draw inspiration from, and designers are continuously coming up with new and creative ways to present navigational elements.
Navigation Design Trends
In this post, we’ll take a look at the latest changes and trends in website navigation design, including some standout examples for inspiration.

Free web design & marketing resources: Our favorite freebie picks of 2016

Do you love free stuff? So do we! That’s why if you follow TBH Creative on Facebook or Twitter, you may have noticed that we share web design freebies every week. For projects that are on a budget or a quick timeline, using free resources can be a great alternative to custom elements. With the countless number of web professionals out there sharing their work with others, it’s now easier than ever to find high-quality resources for free.

To help point you in the right direction, here are some of our favorite freebies that we’ve shared in 2016. Enjoy.

Use your content to educate customers

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Many people might be able to tell you the benefits of common purchasable items (like smartphones) and services (like plumbing). But what about GoPros? Or grown-up summer camps? Or at-home vegan meal kit deliveries? Or cloud storage?

Potential customers expect to have access to all the details of products and services online, and if they can't find these details they are left frustrated.

Learning is now the first step of consuming, so it is key to ensure that you are meeting potential customers with informative content while they are in the exploratory phase of their buying journey.

Here are four steps to ensuring your website is set up to communicate with niche shoppers.

5 apps you should know about to help your marketing

marketing apps
When it comes to marketing, teams rely on tools and experience to create and monitor successful campaigns.

The TBH Creative team works with a variety of tools each week to strategize, create, distribute, and analyze marketing efforts for ourselves and our clients. Here is a rundown of the five tools that we use regularly to create successful campaigns.

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