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Bringing creativity back to web design and development

Website template
Recently, there has been some buzz in the web design community that websites have become overly homogeneous and boring. Factors such as frameworks and responsive design have impacted the way we design and build websites, and some believe it has been at the expense of creativity. The same patterns and elements are seen again and again across the web, causing everything to look the same after awhile.

Whether or not you agree with this sentiment, the solution is applicable to everyone: Creativity is the key to designing and developing a website that will stand out. We should be creating websites that are not only functional, but that also delight our users. Check out the following tips on how to keep the creativity alive on your website.

Website ROI: The return on investment for a website redesign

Crunching numbers business meeting
There’s no denying that the Internet has made the world move faster. Technology evolves at an amazing rate and changes the way consumers buy and businesses sell. This rapid pace of development also has an impact on the lifespan of your website. In essence, a website is always a work in progress—a living, breathing entity that needs to be updated regularly so that it is fresh and engaging. You don’t need to redesign your website every year, but you should certainly be giving it a close annual exam to make sure it is leveraging current technologies for your business.

There’s also no denying that it is a true investment to regularly change and update your website. As with any marketing initiative you need to be able to show the value and return on this expenditure. Analytics and digital marketing reports make that ROI measurement easier than ever before.

Connect visitors to your content by creating a pillar page

I used to love spending time on the playground as a kid.

There were six to seven pieces of playground equipment—industrial swings, giant metal slides, monkey bars that looked like they had been used by monkeys, and climbing domes that remind me now of mini versions of the Thunderdome—all spaced out across a giant expanse of yelling kids.

And, if you took a tumble, there were no soft landings, just 110-degree asphalt (and sometimes a little blood, pain, and tears). The stakes were high, so you had to learn how not to fall.

But, that is not the playground of my children. My kids play on elaborately interconnected wonderlands of fun, climbing apparatuses with multiple levels and enough space for everyone to play together.

In that way, current playgrounds are a lot like the modern Internet.

Your homepage isn't as important as you think: How to identify and optimize your top landing pages

Website pages
Take a moment to consider: What’s the most important page on your website?

Was your answer the homepage? That’s a common belief for many website owners, and traditionally web design workflows supported the concept of a homepage as the primary focal point. It’s where a website design typically starts, and it often takes up more time and effort than other pages throughout a project. This is for good reason—it’s still a crucial page on any website and deserves significant attention.

However, changes in marketing over the years (including the rise of inbound strategies) have challenged the idea that the homepage is always the most important page on a website. People are going to access your content on their own terms. This is the basic concept of inbound marketing. Depending on your company’s marketing strategies and goals, it’s likely that users are coming to your website through interior pages just as often, if not more frequently, than through your homepage. In fact, some users may never see your homepage!

Practical tools to test your website’s performance (and spy on your competitors)

Business men discussing reports and performance
As companies compete for target audiences in the ever-expanding digital space, poor performance simply won’t cut it anymore. Consumers look to the web to research products and solutions, answer questions, and they determine a company’s trustworthiness. It is more important than ever to optimize and continually review your company website for broken links, mobile-friendliness, and more.

Some business owners and marketing teams may be asking, "How can we tell if our digital marketing efforts are paying off?"

Follow these four steps to assess the state of your online presence.

4 things you learn at an inbound conference when you’re new to digital marketing

HubSpot Inbound Conference
Three days after I joined the TBH Creative team, I attended the 2017 HubSpot Inbound Conference in Boston. Before that point I had never visited Boston, attended a professional conference, or worked in digital marketing. Needless to say, I learned a ton of brand new information, met a lot of people, and figured out the basics of inbound and digital marketing.

Here are the four biggest lessons that I learned during that week of training.

8 ideas for planning better digital marketing for your company in 2018

TBH Creative marketing planning
Former British prime minister Winston Churchill (1874–1965) once said, “Plans are of little importance, but planning is essential.”

I like to apply this advice to selling and advertising best practices. The job of making your strategic marketing plans becomes more straight-forward and manageable (not to mention, far less daunting) when you think of this blueprint as an evolving guide for making decisions, developing campaigns, and budgeting for resources.

Our most popular posts of 2017

woman at computer
Another year of blogging is behind us. Of course we always like to be creating new content, but sometimes it’s fun to take a step back and look at all the things we’ve done over the year, and what better time is there to do that then New Year’s? So, here’s a roundup of our most popular posts in 2017.

3 trends to keep you ahead of the web design curve

TBH Creative website sketches
A few months ago, I reviewed a certain Indy marketing agency’s homepage and was underwhelmed.

Yes, it’s true. It was TBH Creative’s new website, pre-launch—and, my love was missing.

It looked familiar, a little too familiar: a hero image at the top with statement and button, three icons underneath, yada yada yada.

Image is everything: Put YOUR stock to work for YOU

We all know the hustle. Business owners, especially, are generally quick to make decisions because there are a thousand more decisions to be made in just one day. So, when it comes to selecting images that represent your company and the culture, you hit up one of those stock sites, enter ‘relevant’ search terms, fill the cart with things that kinda fill the need and check that task off the long list.

But, let’s face it. That photo with people you’ve never met in your life totally misses the mark. It’s professional, but it’s fake. The fancy conference room with perfect charts and graphics strategically laid out is cool but not an accurate representation of your data or the conference room where you actually meet with your client. That world, as represented by those people, is not your world. So, why are you putting your money there?

Common client struggles in website projects (and how to overcome them)

Project meeting
In a perfect world, all of our website design projects would go off without a hitch and run smoothly from planning to launch. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Creating a website is a major endeavor, with various phases, teams, and components that all need to come together to achieve success. This leaves a lot of room for error if the project isn’t approached the right way.

A successful project requires knowledge and preparation not only the part of the professionals, but also on the part of the client. After countless projects, we’ve identified some of the common struggles that new clients face when working through the website design process. Read on to learn more about the obstacles you might encounter along the way and how to overcome them.

3 ways to use behavioral science in digital marketing

Richard Thaler celebrates winning the Nobel Prize in Economics
When it comes to the theoretical work of most Nobel Prize winners, it doesn’t always make sense to try and apply their complex research to design a more effective website or build a more strategic digital marketing plan, but this year is different.

In October our office buzzed with the exciting news that economist Richard Thaler took home the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences. His life’s work is all about irrationality, nudges (aka, choice architecture), and, in the most simple terms, examining why people do what they do when making decisions about spending money.

What makes a good hospital website in 2017?

Patient using smartphone in hospital waiting room
From the growing popularity of personal health wearables, like Fitbits and Apple watches, to requesting appointments or test results through online portals, patient care is becoming more digital than ever before.

With practically everything turning to tech, even the healthcare industry, the best hospital websites are outperforming their competitors. What does this mean for your website?

Trends show hospitals and other healthcare providers could benefit from an improved online experience for users. A well-designed, responsive website can help hospitals to gain new patients, educate existing ones, and provide resources for both—all of which translates into dollars and cents ROI. Online representation matters, and your potential patients are on the lookout for a trustworthy branded online presence.

Read on for three truths about what makes the best hospital websites.

Meet Emily, digital marketing assistant

Hi 😃 I'm Emily, TBH Creative's new digital marketing assistant. I come to TBH with experience in corporate marketing, and I love communication and design. I am looking forward to working on a variety of marketing activities with a lot of different clients.

What do I do when I'm working?

I went to school at Indiana University Bloomington, and graduated with a degree in marketing from the Kelley School of Business. My favorite classes were always those that explored the importance of design when it comes to marketing and messaging—and, how your customers consume both.

What I learned about the future of web from the 2017 AEA conference

AEA badge
Last month, I had the pleasure of attending the An Event Apart conference in Chicago. It was two days full of insight and inspiration from thought leaders in the industry. The range of topics covered all facets of web design and development, from branding to CSS techniques to accessibility. These presentations covered how to identify trends in the future of web design and development and included helpful recommendations on moving forward.

Three expert recommendations for using UX to build better websites

Go behind the scenes of the An Event Apart conference in Chicago, 2017.
Learn what leading web design experts had to say about using UX to build better websites with this behind the scenes recap from the An Event Apart conference in Chicago, 2017.

“Give the lady what she wants!”

Department store entrepreneur Marshall Field's famous motto was such a key part of the pioneering retailer’s selling philosophy that he had the phrase on a sign in his office to remind him—and his team—that what’s good for the customer is also good for business.

3 things I learned as a digital marketing intern with TBH Creative

It seems like it was just last week that I started my Digital Marketing Internship with TBH Creative– but you know what they say, time flies! Looking back on my time here, I'm amazed at just how much I learned from the digital marketing agency. I hoped to learn useful content and inbound marketing strategies, improve my knowledge of various development and production software, and make some meaningful content along the way. I ended up getting all of this and more.

I came into this internship with an "I got this" mentality. After all, I was soon-to-be upperclassman studying marketing and analytics, who was familiar with TBH's work from my internship last summer, that grew up in the tech generation. For those of you who don't really know me, take a look back at the very first post I wrote for TBH!

Four ways to liven up the Our Team page

Many organizations include a page within their About Us section to "meet the team." It's a great way to give your website audience a connection with people they may talk to on a regular basis. Many organizations use that section as a way to highlight their leadership and lend credibility to their company. Others use it to help their clients get in direct touch with key people. Whatever the reason, a team page is a standard feature of a website - but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Wondering what makes the best Our Team page?

Beginner’s guide to Google Tag Manager

Marketing pro using analytics dashboard
Are you using tracking codes on your website? If so, great! Tracking activity on your website is a great way to collect information about your users, analyze performance, and find areas for improvement. This type of data is essential to developing an effective digital marketing strategy.

One way to simplify tracking data on your website is by implementing Google Tag Manager. Google Tag Manager is a free tool that allows you easily manage and update all of your tracking code snippets from one place. In this article, we’ll take a look at the basics of Google Tag Manager and how it can benefit your website.

Why inbound marketing could be the best thing for your marketing plans

It's time to make the switch to inbound

The basis of Inbound Marketing is to get customers to come to you rather than the other way around. A number of successful companies use inbound marketing to attract and close customers. Even if you're not familiar with Inbound Marketing strategies, you probably experienced an inbound strategy within the last 5 minutes that brought you to this very blog post. How, you ask? The answer lies in the actions that led you here.

Leverage your website: Tips for more compelling job descriptions

Sorting through resumes
A well-designed website with appropriate functionality is a great tool for sales and marketing. It can also be a great tool for recruitment. Create a robust careers section and interesting, compelling job descriptions to leverage your website in new ways.

Recruiting is a much different world than it was 10 or 20 years ago. Yet too many companies are still writing dry job descriptions that detail a job’s responsibilities and requirements without giving the candidate any compelling reason to take action. Times have changed; it’s time your job descriptions do too.

3 things you probably haven't considered for marketing to Generation Z

Marketing strategies for Generation Z
Who is Generation Z and why should companies today care? After all, this younger generation won't reach full financial independence for another decade. Their Millennial counter parts, on the other hand, now have a little cash left over for discretionary spending after the student loan payments are made. As time marches on, however, Generation Z won't be youngsters forever.

Digging a little deeper into Generation Z, we find that this new and elusive cohort has the opportunity to be a valuable addition to your target audiences. As brands and companies begin to develop strategies to market to Generation Z, we are taking a look at three things you may not have considered for your Generation Z marketing approach.

How to use dynamic content to personalize your MailChimp email campaigns

Use dynamic content to personalize email campaigns
When putting together your inbound marketing strategy, you’ll need to decide which tools best align with your goals while still fitting into your budget. If you aren’t ready to take the leap and invest in full-featured marketing software such as HubSpot, you may be looking at free alternatives that can offer similar features. For email marketing specifically, MailChimp is one such tool to consider, as it offers a wide variety of services free of charge.

While there are limitations to what you can accomplish with MailChimp, it does provide options for advanced marketing opportunities, such as adding dynamic content to your emails. In this post, we’ll look at why dynamic content is useful in email marketing and how to set it up for your MailChimp campaigns.

Five signs your company website is outdated

When is it time to update your website?
How do you know when it’s time to update your website?
It’s not always an easy question to answer. You might love the design that was developed a few years ago or have a personal stake in the layout that makes it hard to be objective. As long as your website still generates some leads it’s good enough, right? You personally may not see any issues with your website… but what about your prospects and customers? The Internet moves quickly and you don’t want to be left behind because of personal bias or worse—because you haven’t been paying attention to how your site is performing.

Your website is your virtual storefront. It’s important that you keep it up to date and not just visually but technologically as well. Let’s review five objective signs that it’s time to update your company’s website.

Join our team! We are hiring a Digital Marketing Assistant

When you peek behind the curtain at TBH Creative, you'll find a team of learners and doers... a group of talented, passionate marketers... perhaps most importantly, you'll find people with a genuine passion for creating success for the customers and brands we represent.

Since 2004, we have designed and developed over 500 websites and worked on countless digital marketing projects. Along the way, we have built strong relationships with each client and worked hard to make the web more of a strategic and welcoming place for information seekers.

We are hiring a digital marketing assistant

Currently seeking: Digital Marketing Assistant

TBH Creative is a small, fast-paced business and we all wear multiple hats. While the job title for this opening is officially Digital Marketing Assistant it could also be Customer Service Representative... Website Maintenance Guru... Project Coordinator... you get the idea! We need someone who can step in and handle a variety of marketing and administrative needs. Someone who is excited about the opportunity to learn and grow and make an impact.

Read on to learn more about this opportunity with TBH Creative. We can't wait to add a new team member full of energy and determination inside these yellow walls.

Designing for the digital fold—myth or must?

designing above the digital fold
The phrase "above the fold" originated from the time of the newspaper (for the younger readers out there, a newspaper is a ream of large, unstapled paper sheets used to convey news and information). In brief, "above the fold" means that publishers and designers ought to put the most important content and calls-to-action above the physical fold line of the page.

But as newspapers go the way of the dinosaur, and news publications move to digital, does this concept still exist? Should important content be placed at the top of the homepage, so users don't have to scroll to find it? Or are web-surfers unbothered by scrolling, making the digital fold a myth?

Web Development Case Study: Tracking Football

A phased website development approach leads to greater success

Tracking Football LLC is a football recruiting service that helps college and professional football teams identify key recruits based on independent athletic data. It’s a different approach to football recruiting and as a web-based product requires a site that is easy-to-use for fans while also marketing and educating their targeted prospects.
Tracking Football Web Design Home Page
When Tracking Football contacted TBH Creative they had a functional website that they had outgrown. It was a complicated new approach they were bringing to the industry, and the website didn’t educate the marketplace well enough. They needed a more polished design. And they had some new ideas for their service that required custom online functionality. Our first step? Define a phased approach to get the new site out working in the market in the short term while strategically adding functionality upgrades over time.

What is the ideal length of a blog post?

Man and woman reading on tablet
As marketers, we are fortunate to live in an era of big data like no one who came before us. We have actual numbers to back up best practices, from how often to post on social media for optimal engagement to the ideal length of a blog post, and everything in between. These strategies previously relied on gut feelings and educated guesses.

Today, we are digging into the data to explore exactly how long a blog should be for SEO. From clients, we often hear out-dated ideologies about the right length for a blog post in 2017. About a decade ago, the experts cited 250-500 words as an optimal length for blog articles to accommodate readers' short attention spans.

Best practices for hospital website design

hospital website best practice
When designing a hospital website, there are a number of unique challenges to take into consideration. Hospitals cater to a wide audience with a multitude of needs, which can make it difficult to create a cohesive website that addresses as many of those needs as possible. However, there are some general guidelines you can follow to ensure your hospital website is successful. Check out the following tips and best practices to help get you started.

Four skills to look for when hiring an inbound marketing agency

Partnership Strategy Meeting
Good inbound marketing requires an intricate strategy that takes audience, content and communication channels all into account. It requires someone who understands each of those components and how they work together. It’s a very different way of looking at marketing plans and to do it well, you need a partner who can guide you through the process.

What should you look for in an inbound marketing agency?

Trend alert! Where web design is going in 2017 (and beyond)

Website design brainstorming session
Web design is constantly changing, but it's for the better (don't believe me? Just think back to your business's website circa 2007 and you'll get my point). Since it's ever-changing, there is no "goldilocks recipe" for a stellar website. What works for an ad agency's website might not be strategic for a pediatrician's site, and visa versa. However, distinct web design patterns have started to crop up within the past 6 months, and companies who have adopted them have tended to stand out. I can't predict the future, but it looks like these four emerging web design trends of 2017 are here to stay.

Use email automation for your marketing

Use email automation for your marketing
Email marketing is one of the most effective tools in a marketer’s bag—when done right that is. Gone are the days of blanket emails with the same message sent at the same time to all prospects or customers. Successful email marketing is personalized and triggered by a user’s behavior - downloading a brochure or watching a video for example.

Automated email workflows let you leverage the best email marketing has to offer. Even better? Once they are set up, they do the work for you.

Website Design and Digital Marketing Case Study: Baker Hill

Re-establishing a brand identity with more robust website and digital marketing

As a company, Baker Hill was going through a big transition. After a change in ownership, they needed to re-establish their brand—a brand that had historic value but had been downplayed in recent years. They were counting on the web as a big part of launching the Next Generation of Baker Hill, and they were on a fast track to tie in digital marketing and video content at the same time.
Baker Hill Web Design Case Study

Benefits of using SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

When it comes to adding imagery to your website, there are two basic image types to choose from: raster images and vector images.

A raster image, typically a photograph, is made up of pixels and has a set resolution. When scaled up, it will lose quality and can appear pixelated or grainy.

A vector image is created using points, lines, and shapes. You can scale vector images to any size without losing quality. Vectors images are limited in how much detail they can represent, so they are best used for elements like typography, logos, icons, or illustrations.

Troubleshooting common post boosting issues on Facebook

fix facebook boosting issues
Facebook should be a strategic part of any company's marketing plan. If you're working with a digital marketing partner, likely they are handling many of the details related to your Facebook presence, including ads and boosted posts. In this post, we will be troubleshooting issues and errors that are common when attempting to boost posts on Facebook.

For many businesses, managing your own social media can challenging. With Facebook specifically, it is particularly frustrating to find boosted posts under-performing or not spending their full budget. (Note: Unsure what a "boosted post" on Facebook is? Get started with Facebook Help Center and the basics of boosting.)

Meet Mac, Digital Marketing Intern

Mac Ely, TBH Creative Digital Marketing Intern
Hiya! I’m Mac, the digital marketing intern. I just wrapped up my sophomore year in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, which marks the halfway point in my pursuit of a Marketing and Business Analytics degree. While I am new to the industry, I’m really excited to gain web design and writing experience this summer with TBH Creative!

I dipped my toes into the marketing world last summer, working in the marketing department of a larger corporation. However, I came to realize that my nine-to-five isn’t meant to be spent behind the three-and-a-half beige walls of a cubicle. I craved something more intimate, something client-facing, something bespoke. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to look too far! I was introduced to the TBH Creative team during my work last summer and quickly came to see they had what I wanted. Remembering how great the TBH team was to work with, I decided to reach out and apply for the internship position this summer.

Five tips for building your website budget

building your website budget
It’s one of the most common complaints we hear from new clients: “My last website project was so far over budget. It seemed as though our budget was just a suggestion.”

That’s not a complaint we want to hear from any of our clients at TBH Creative. We work hard from the very beginning to make sure that’s not the case. In fact, we often hear that we spend more time upfront preparing, asking questions and confirming details than our competitors. Why is that so? Even during the sales process, we want to take the time to really understand your project and give you an estimate that is as accurate as possible. It's worth the extra time because we want to build a website that meets your goals and that is completed on time and on budget. The more we know from the beginning, the better we are at doing just that.

So how do you build a website design budget that encompasses what you need and helps your website developer avoid those expensive surprises? We have five things to consider before you sit down in front of the spreadsheet.

6 things we can learn from the evolution of homepage design

6 things we can learn from the evolution of homepage design
Technological advances and rapidly changing trends have helped usher in a new era of web design. This has brought along some much needed improvements to functionality, content strategy, and the overall user experience. To see these improvements in action, look no further than the homepage of a modern, well-designed website.

By comparing modern homepage designs with those of the past, you can pinpoint the shifts in strategy and design that make today’s websites more successful. Understanding these changes can help you to better evaluate the effectiveness of your own website. Consider the following ways that homepage design has changed into consideration when looking for ways to improve your website.

Hire a professional writer for your website, and you won’t regret it.

Hire a professional writer for your website
Updating or creating a new website is a big undertaking for an organization. Even after you take the time to find the right website design agency, you have quite a lot of work ahead of you. Strategy sessions, site architecture, design review and perhaps the biggest mountain of them all: content development.

Want to know one of the top delays in a website design project? Content development when it’s taken on by the client. Simply put, it’s hard to find the time to organize and write pages and pages of content for a website on top of your daily responsibilities. Add in the fact that writing for a website is different than writing traditional marketing pieces - you have to consider design elements, character counts, SEO, multiple calls to action and more. Writing for your own website can quickly seem overwhelming. Do yourself a favor, hire a writer to develop your website content. Let me tell you why…

Transform digital marketing into your top salesperson

Sales person
Once you know your ideal customer and have identified concrete goals, you can use that knowledge to inform website design and content creation. Aiming toward particular benchmarks helps you communicate effectively in order to lead site visitors in the right direction.

Many businesses begin marketing on the strength of personal relationships. At first, this works—you leverage your contacts and dabble in social media on the side and the business grows organically.

But as you begin to scale up, ad hoc networking starts to break down. You and your team only have so much time. Can you really be the networker for multiple locations or a larger business? How will you find time to extend all of those relationships and reach new customers while also running your growing business and working in the core competencies that keep you viable? How can you sustain growth and continue to achieve success in a rapidly changing marketplace?

Customer service: Why is it important, what makes it exceptional, and how does it impact marketing?

The thing about customer service is that you'll always remember when you've had a really good experience and when you've had a terrible service, too.

That's true in the minds of our clients and customers as well. Exceptional customer service isn't just nice to have. It is necessary.
Floral customer service

Why is customer service important?

Did you know it is less expensive to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones? According to Entrepreneur, it costs approximately five times more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one.

Providing excellent service helps many businesses gain new customers as well through word-of-mouth marketing. In fact, happy customers tell nine people on average about their experience. (HubSpot).

On the flip side, a recent Customer Experience Report study determined that 82% of people have stopped doing business with a company because of a poor customer service experience. So yeah, customer service is vital for business success and even provides a competitive advantage.

Beginner's guide to emoji marketing 👍😀

The use of emojis has drastically changed in a short period of time. Emojis are no longer just for making text messages and social media more fun. They’ve now become a popular marketing tool as well. And, that should be no surprise! People are constantly finding new ways to express themselves and communicate online, and marketers have to stay in touch with those trends in order to remain effective.

According to one study, “92% of the online population use emojis,” spanning all age groups. With statistics like that, marketers can’t ignore the potential that emojis can bring to a digital marketing strategy.
Emoji Marketing
If you are on board with the idea of incorporating emojis into your marketing strategy but aren’t sure how, we’ve got you covered. Read on for tips on getting started with emoji marketing, as well as some campaign examples for inspiration.

How to upgrade your web design planning process

Creative team meeting
Successful companies know that they need a website. For some, simply having a website seems good enough, but not all websites are created equal. Not all of them get results. Maybe you’re expecting your digital efforts to bring in more leads, drive more sales, or increase your donor base, but you aren’t seeing the numbers move. When you look at your website, it seems great. But was it designed and written to achieve your goals?

How can you get past “good enough” to make your website do more for your business? The problem is not looks; it’s lack of strategy. Make sure that your investment in high impact graphics, amazing code, and creative copy pays off by upgrading your web design planning process.

Every organization is different, but some core planning steps are universal.

How to tell which stock photo subscription service is for you

Gorgeous photos are an integral part of digital marketing. Statistics show people are drawn to good visuals and respond to them, 150% more on Twitter even. (HubSpot) While some companies are lucky enough to have a professional photographer on staff, many turn to stock imagery as their primary source of visual content. With so many providers, subscription levels, and copyright types, how can you tell which stock photo service is right for you?

Our best tip for a successful inbound marketing campaign

Inbound marketing campaigns are still fairly new for most organizations. Outbound and inbound marketing activities have merit. The trick to success is making sure you let each build on their own strengths. In this article we are going to focus on inbound marketing and the importance of the content to the success of the campaigns.

How to choose between email marketing services: MailChimp vs HubSpot vs Constant Contact

How to choose between email marketing services
Email marketing is a major asset to any digital marketing strategy. Contacts on your email list have already opted-in to receive your communications, which makes them one step closer to hearing what you have to say. Not to mention, companies who send sales emails see remarkable engagement from their email lists. In fact, "81% of online shoppers who receive emails based on previous shopping habits were at least somewhat likely to make a purchase as a result of targeted email" (eMarketer).

Before getting started with email marketing, you'll need to choose from the variety of email marketing services available. Each service offers different tools, capabilities, and integrations. In order to choose the best service for your digital marketing strategy, you should take into consideration your audience, experience level, and goals.

In this article, we compare three popular email marketing tools to help business owners and marketers determine which email marketing service is the best fit.

TBH Creative's recommended reading list for 2017

Keeping up to date on the latest trends and innovations is an essential part of our industry. Whether you’re a designer, developer, marketer, or in any related field, understanding the tools and techniques available helps you to create better solutions. However, best practices are constantly changing and improving, and it’s all too easy to fall behind. Luckily, there are a countless number of resources out there to help you stay connected and current, find inspiration, and explore new ideas.

If you aren’t sure where to start or are just looking for some fresh resources to add to your collection, we’ve put together a list of the TBH Creative team’s favorite go-to blogs for staying current and learning new things. Check it out!

Website design shouldn't be frustrating! Learn three ways to make your next project easier.

One of the most common things we hear from new clients is how frustrated they were with their last website design project. It often starts with poor communication—people feel like they are left in the dark by their website design firm. And then when they do hear from them, they hear that the project is over budget or behind schedule or are quite honestly blindsided with a design that doesn’t match their needs.

How to get more online reviews (and how to respond to the bad ones)

Happy shopper

Interested in getting more online reviews, but unsure where to start?

One way to begin is by getting your sales and marketing teams on board with the idea that online reviews matter, customer service matters, and the potential to gain or lose business based on your online reputation can be quite large. In fact, 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online reviews (Marketing Land).

Incorporating Twitter into your live event

So your corporate social media marketing strategy is off the ground—What's next? You have accounts on the major sites, and you are leveraging automation to efficiently schedule and post content regularly. It's awesome, and it's working. But, your company has a major event coming up in a few months, and you want to find a way to leverage social media using the event to engage your audience, build followers, and get your brand deeper into the digital space. Here are some ideas for making the most of social media at your live event.

7 best practices for marketing to millennials

It is no secret that millennials are a unique audience. For businesses interested in marketing specifically to this tech-friendly consumer base, methods can be tricky and the results down-right frustrating. To help your marketing efforts get moving in the right direction with the younger crowd, we compiled seven tips for marketing to millennials.
Young couple shopping at market

Internal site search tips & best practices

If you’re a website owner, you likely understand the value of search engine optimization (SEO) to ensure your website is visible in search results. But have you optimized your internal site search as well?

External search—when a user finds your website with Google or Bing—is usually a crucial part of the marketing strategy; however, sometimes internal search—when a user hunts for content using the search tool on your website to find a specific piece of information—can be overlooked during the planning process. This is why internal search plays such an important role in the user experience of a website and why shouldn’t be ignored.

By optimizing the internal search functionality on your website, you can help keep users on your website longer and improve lead generation.

Internal Site Search

How 500 posts on our company blog has benefited us (and why your company should start blogging ASAP)

What's the key to driving traffic to your website and keeping your crew current with industry trends? Blogging!

At TBH Creative, we don’t just recommend blogging to our clients—blogging is a crucial part of our day-to-day planning. In fact, this very post is our 500th published blog post since we started blogging in 2008.
Celebrating 500 blog posts
We have come a long way in nine years of blogging, and the blogosphere has changed in many ways over the decade. In the post, I will cover three ways our blog adds value for team learning, supports our clients, and helps our business growth (plus, some ways your company could benefit from blogging as well).

Video in digital marketing, part 1: Your audience and your style

Video in digital marketing, part 1: Your audience and your style
As digital marketers, we see and support all kinds of campaigns and creative projects, and video always stands out for its unique ability to engage with a viewer and tell a story. Before deciding to embrace video, though, you need to define your target audience, review best practices for using the format, and determine the best deployment strategy for getting the most out of your investment.

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