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Areas of expertise in the web industry: A client's guide

Have you always wondered about the difference between a web designer and web developer? Do you find job titles like "content strategist" and "information architect" confusing? The web industry is made up of professionals with a broad spectrum of skill sets, and you might encounter a variety of these experts during the website production process. This guide will help you get an idea of who might be handling the various aspects of your web project.

Six key elements to a successful company blog

Blogging can be a great way to promote your company online, as we’ve discussed before, but it can also be a struggle. If you’re finding that your company blog isn’t achieving its goals, it might be time to re-evaluate your approach. There are certain elements that you can add to your blog to help transform it into a successful marketing tool for you company. Take some time to analyze your blog and ask yourself the following questions, and you might find that you’re missing out on a key element to success.

Web development case study: An adaptable, customized website

With the tagline: imagine. innovate. inspire. Midwest Studios clearly tells you that it is in the business of creating something special. From computer animation to 3D Printing, museum models to mobile apps - the team at Midwest Studios are technical storytellers, helping people communicate their concepts at any scale.  

Project Background

Midwest Studios was referred to TBH Creative in 2008 and has been a client ever since. TBH developed their first website with our content management system (CMS) and added several custom functionality pieces. Over the years, we have worked on other creative projects for Midwest Studios. Most recently we helped them plan a full website upgrade project including strategy, implementing a redesign, adding responsive coding, and a focus on custom application development.

Three problems to avoid when collaborating on website development

TBH Creative is a full service website design and development firm. Sometimes clients come to us for a specific service - say they have an internal development team and only need or design services. Or perhaps they have a set design standard from a marketing firm but need that design to be developed into a website. We are happy to step into these collaborations and have a track record of successful projects when collaborating with other groups. (See our post Two Key Steps for Successful Website Collaboration.)

As with anything in life, not all projects go as smoothly as others. In the spirit of learning from our mistakes - and helping you avoid them - we've come up with three problems to avoid when collaboration on a website design or development project.

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