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HootSuite's down? Try one of these five social media management alternatives

HootSuite uses their blog to keep users up-to-date when their service is down.

What do the social media teams who work at Papa Johns, the Los Angeles Times, and Facebook have in common? Like me, they rely on HootSuite, a popular client, to help schedule their microblogging and monitor brand-related chatter. When the helpful browser-based tool went down last week because Amazon Web Services' cloud crashed, many were left wondering which HootSuite alternatives for managing professional social media needs are worth considering—either as a long term replacement or back-up during outages.

Interesting and Useful CSS Tricks for 2011

Staying current with new website technology, coding tricks or hacks, and changing techniques is part job as professional web designers. One example is Cascading Style Sheets or CSS which has continued to grow and expand throughout the years.

In the past, CSS was used for basics page styling such as to change color of text, create colored borders, style different fonts, change the background, etc. Nowadays, with CSS3, you could basically style the moon... okay not literally. But truth be told, you can style almost anything on your web page and do things with CSS that you would only have dreamed of doing a couple of years ago.

Web Design Case Study: Fort Harrison Reuse Authority

TBH Creative has been working with Fort Harrison Reuse Authority since 2006. For the past four months, we have been redesigning and developing 'sister' websites to represent the history of FHRA and tell the story of Lawrence Village. We are pleased to announce the launch today.

In addition to a new design and code, the project included reorganized site architecture and taxonomy. The new website offers a softer feel to match the Lawrence Village Brand. The information tells a story and shows the personality of Executive Director, Kris Butler who says, "I am very proud of this effort and hope you all think it’s more useful and comprehensive."

Visit the new Fort Harrison Reuse Authority website

 Visit the new Lawrence Village at the Fort website (Live. Work. Play)

The FHRA logo was tweaked to compliment the new look and feel.


Why every website must have a contact form

Why every website must have a contact form
Every business must have a contact page on their website -- it's essential to help bring in business and to allow customers to contact them.

Some businesses list their contact information to let the customer contact them via phone or email, others have an interactive contact form. Often, they even have both. Hving a contact form makes everything easier and organized, and makes you available 24/7. With a contact form, your visitor (potential new customer) can provide upfront information about what they need. With this information, you can best respond and determine if services are a good match (and ultimately make a sale if so).

Finding the right "Type"

Finding the right Type
With Google Web Fonts, Cufon, and Typekit (font kits) at every web developers finger tips, choosing the right "type" has never been so available. I'm not talking about the "cute type" or the "humorous type", I'm talking about your website's font type (also know as typography, type face, font face, or font family). So many years have past where web developers as well as businesses have only had a select choice of web safe fonts. Now that the Internet is basically it's own planet, companies are testing the waters (and succeeding) in creating ways to use more fonts on the Internet. Web designers are now able to choose and display any font regardless of whether or not your users have that font installed on their systems.

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