Here's a quick way to edit your photos online

A client told me about Picnik -- they had been using the software to crop and edit photos for their web site. The problem was they had a skewed photo that I was going to help them fix. So, when they told me about Picnik, I was a little skeptical but said I would check it out.

Upon giving it a try, I was amazed. I am an avid Photoshop fan, but the Picnik software is a really great alternative, especially for our clients who need to edit photos for online without proper software and expertise.

Picnik was simple to use and more robust than I expected. Right from online, you can upload a photo, crop, resize, sharpen, correct exposure, remove red eye, rotate, and more -- the end result is an exported photo as you created. The bonus is that the software is free. They also offer a premium account if you want to do more, but the basic account provides quite a bit.

Picnik is a great photo editing tool and alternative to other costly software. The easy to use interface allows you to clean up and edit pictures without knowing a thing about photo editing. The company has been featured in CNET, PCmag, Mashable, Time Magazine, and the Wall Street Journal.

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