Spellbound? Check your spelling in Firefox.

Firefox 2 and 3 now include built-in as-you-type spell checkers. It does not allow you to search a text field for misspellings though.

Most of us have experienced the frustration of pressing "submit" on a text input box while writing on the internet and noticing that we have spelled something wrong. A free, open source Firefox extension called "SpellBound" will solve this problem (for Firefox users).


It's a quick and easy install and when you type in text boxes, it will underline misspelled words in red as you type. I'm going to start blogging in Firefox now.

You will need Firefox for this if you don't already have it. Download for free at: http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/

I heard about this tip from Chuck Wills of Mary E. Ober Foundation. Mary E. Ober Foundation desires to build partnerships with organizations that impact lives through loving and respectful relationships. By proper stewardship and investment of our resources, we assist their leadership in reaching the full potential of service to their clients, thereby meeting the local community’s needs.

Thanks Chuck!

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