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Reduce spam from email addresses posted on your web site

If you post your email address on a website, you are likely to get an Inbox full of unsolicited email advertisements. What can you do?

Option 1
This tool protects email addresses by converting them into encrypted JavaScript code which hides the addresses from email-harvesting robots but still shows them to real people visiting the site.

Option 2
As another option, you can use this "scrambler" that turns the email address into its ASCII code equivalent.

If you want to improve your chances even more you can embed the ASCII code in JavaScript.

Web site Content

Web site content: How important is it?

In my opinion, web site content/verbiage is equally important to design, layout, and function. It is a combination of all of these elements that make the most successful site.

Even if your site looks great and functions well, if the information you provide has errors or is not informative and easy to understand, users will look elsewhere.

Below is a great article about web content from Tech Soup.

How to Create Web Content that Works

Main topics of the article include:

1. Develop Content Goals

2. Adhere to Best Practices for Web-Site Content

3. Engage and Organize Help

4. Provide Multiple Ways for Users to Locate Content

5. Test Your Site

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