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How much should you budget for your 2017 website design project?

Business owner researching on computer
Looking for a website design agency can feel like looking for a car mechanic. Most of us don’t know much about our cars so we are at the mercy of the mechanic when they tell us the car needs new transmission fluid or brakes. Finding a mechanic you trust is like finding gold. It takes the worry out of the picture because you know the mechanic will do what needs to be done at a fair price and help you consider future needs at the same time.

The benefits of an online annual report + 5 creative designs for inspiration

Online annual reports are a trend that is here to stay, and if your company hasn’t made the switch yet, it’s the perfect time to reconsider. By developing your annual report in an online format as opposed to print, you’ll have more options and greater flexibility when it comes to how you can present data. When done right, your online annual report can be a useful marketing tool that reinforces your brand.

Online annual report showcase

Connecting a traditional storytelling arc to digital marketing

Child reading a storybook
There are a lot of articles out there about telling your brand's story. A lot. Like, so many. Somehow, the concept of a traditional story arc - like the kind you might see in popular movies or novels - gets little attention when muddled into a marketing mix. But the truth is, storytelling has been around for millennia, and you probably learned about proper story structure way back in middle school.

Let's take a look at this traditional story structure and see how these five points correspond to a brand and its customer's journey, all while using examples from the awesome Pixar movie "Finding Nemo." (Note: We cannot use actual copyrighted images from the movie, so these stock photos will need to suffice.)

These measurable social media goals aren't just "get more followers"

Measurable social media goals
Many businesses want to gain more followers on Facebook or Twitter. When you dig a little deeper, you might find this goal isn't as straightforward as it seems. To see return on social media efforts, it is more important to have the right followers than it is to have a ton who don't fit your business goals.

One of the main reasons businesses focus on follower numbers is that the metric is quantifiable, unlike so many other social media measures. For example, it can be difficult to define and track "increase brand awareness" in a monthly report.

Photo editing tips using Mac Preview

Coworkers working together on computer
Full disclosure: I am a Mac user. I like Macs more than PCs for a number of reasons, and Apple's suite of products (though sometimes head-scratching) are my preference. 

Mac Preview is the default photo and PDF viewing program built into every Apple computer. It allows users to bypass using Adobe Acrobat (or, Photo Viewer on Windows computers).

Originally designed to simply view documents, Mac Preview offers a variety options for making minor edits. If you use a Mac computer and don't think of yourself as particularly "graphic design-savvy," check out these easy-to-use editing features of Mac Preview:
  • Resizing
  • Annotations
  • Color Adjustments
  • Crop Functions
  • Exporting
Screenshot of three cat photo files on desktop ready to open

This blog post will demonstrate how you can take advantage of each of these features of Mac Preview using cute cat photos ... because the Internet really exists for us to all look at cats, right?

5 email campaign types to consider for the holiday season

holiday email marketing
We previously discussed ways to improve your holiday email campaigns to achieve greater success and improve your email marketing strategy. But, what does that look like when put to use? There are many approaches you can take when developing campaigns for the holiday season, so it’s important to explore your options and decide what approach works best within your marketing strategy.

In this showcase, we’ll explore popular types of holiday email campaigns, including examples of each. We hope you’ll find some inspiration for your holiday email marketing.

How to rock your email marketing this holiday season

During the holidays, inboxes everywhere are flooded with sales and coupons, big announcements, and special events from brands and companies. So how can you make your email marketing campaign stand out and show ROI for your efforts?

Segment and personalize your email messaging

One of the most effective ways to see a return on your email marketing is to segment your subscriber list. Divide your list of contacts into smaller pieces based on appropriate data points, such as "Date of Last Purchase" or by persona type. This is particularly useful with returning customers. By personalizing emails for current customers, you can craft messaging and imagery that appeal specifically to those who fit the criteria. Existing customers love seeing information about your deals and specials because they already know they like your brand -- that's why they bought it in the first place and then subscribed to your email list!

Your website content is more than just words

Your website content is more than just words
When you think of developing content for your website you're probably thinking of site architecture and copy writing. Those two pieces do build the majority of your website but you're doing yourself and your audience a disservice if you stop there.

Good website content integrates far more than words. Good website content includes photos, videos, illustrations, visual calls to action, form fields, and supporting downloadables. Make sure you're leveraging your website with the best content by asking these key questions during development.

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