Thursday, October 13, 2016

Meet Joe, project manager at TBH Creative

Hello blog reader - my name is Joe, and I am the newest member of the TBH Creative team. I came on board in mid-September as a project manager, and I bring a varied set of experiences with me to TBH. I have primarily worked within marketing strategy, video, social media, and web content management. There is a lot to learn as I settle into my new role, but I am excited to support TBH Creative's clients with great service, creative solutions, and a sparkling personality.

My interest in digital marketing began as an interest in video production. Through high school, college at Ball State, and after graduating, I enjoyed finding clever ways to communicate with an audience by shooting and editing promotional and educational videos. This skill set naturally led its way to roles as project leader, content manager, promotion/campaign coordinator, and communication support. As I delved deeper into the "why" of digital media, I saw how it fit into the marketing mix for businesses and was eager to learn more. So, in 2013 I earned my Masters in Marketing and Communication from Franklin University, arming myself with knowledge and new skills.
Joe, the wedding DJ
Joe's side business - wedding DJ extraordinaire

Previous work experience includes freelancing as a corporate video producer, contracting as a field producer and educational content editor with Calamari Productions, Marketing Manager with Automatic Supply, and as a Multimedia Coordinator/Instructor with Butler University. Mixed in with all that, you might find me moonlighting around Indy as a wedding DJ with my side company, PBJ Pro DJs. I have dabbled in a variety of programs, primarily including graphic design, video editing, and various web communication platforms.

Here are some key strengths you can expect from working with me:
  • Holistic view of campaigns and strategies
  • Eye for storytelling
  • Interest in understanding the audience
  • ...and how messaging will be received by that audience
  • An unbelievably outstanding and robust sense of humor
On another note, I am the husband to my wonderful wife Kate, and the father of two wild toddlers named Walt (3) and Calvin (1.5). I live in Westfield where the traffic isn't bad, and the neighborhoods have no mature trees.
Joe and his family
The Backe family

Some conversation starters:
  • Grew up right here in Carmel/Indy
  • Big Colts and Pacers fan, fantasy football geek
  • Movie nerd who used to attend midnight screenings
  • Two little boys Walt and Cal are also redheads
  • Love a good party game - Telestrations and Scattergories are current faves
I am looking forward to diving into TBH Creative's exciting portfolio and helping clients along the way!


About the author | Joe Backe

Joe Backe is a project manager at TBH Creative who eats, sleeps, and breathes digital media. His varied experiences in video production, marketing, education, and entrepreneurism give him a unique perspective to understand client needs while comfortably educating them on marketing processes. He likes to blog about holistic approaches, communication, and opportunities within emerging digital media.​

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