Meet our Video Partner, Digital Stories

Prior to starting Digital Stories Productions in 2007, Travis Hartman and Lisa Whitman each had careers that were a launchpad for sharing stories through video.
In addition to being a writer and artist, Travis worked in IT and has a deep knowledge of blending technology and art to convey a message. (He's also a whip-smart bicycle mechanic, avid ski and snowboard instructor and has a bent toward perfectionism in everything he does.)

Lisa has been in advertising, marketing and has traveled extensively through the former Soviet Union where she served as a correspondent and video journalist. She has spent the past 20 years exploring and telling the stories of people, businesses and organizations. Recently, she hosted a program on Fox 59 called 'Indy's Marketplace' and has her own article each month on the back page of Indianapolis Woman Magazine. She is on the advisory board of Women Empowering Women Network, a mentoring program for women coming into the marketplace. In addition to writing scripts, crafting a company's message and creating videos, Lisa is also a content writer for web copy, blogs and other information for her clients. Lisa has spent the last thirty years of her life exploring the stories of others. It is her passion. (But her favorite role is mother to her 5 children; 3 boys and 2 girls, from toddler to high schooler.)
Tell stories well. This is our motto and business goal.

Their Process for creating videos

(In their words....)
Time is precious. It seems that no one has very much of it anymore. In order to get your message out, you need to be concise, interesting, informative and, dare we say, pretty. We approach every video with an artist’s eye, a storyteller’s voice and a marketing director’s understanding of conveying your unique message . We are technology nerds, and we spend hours finding just the right equipment to help us tell our clients’ stories. Plus, we really enjoy working together; a good thing since we are together most of the time. We’d love the opportunity to bring our passion, abilities, and what we think are our strengths, to create great videos for our clients.

Example work from Digital Stories

(see video carousel near bottom of home page, click to open videos)

Digital Stories created the videos for Northpoint Pediatrics. View the site.

On The Air Stream videos by Digital Stories

Digital Stories created the videos for On The Air Stream. View the site.

Green Job Interview videos by Digital Stories

Digital Stories created the "Two Minute Tour" video for Green JobInterview.
View the site. To watch the video click the button in the upper right.

10,000 Jobs Challenge videos by Digital Stories

Digital Stories created the videos for the 10,000 Jobs Challenge. View the site.

Digital Stories is honored to work with companies like:

  • Franciscan St. Francis Health (formerly St. Francis Hospitals)
  • Direct Employers Association
  • Northpoint Pediatrics
  • IDC
  • Community Hospital Network
  • Indy Visitor's Channel

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